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Welcome to the worlds greatest guide to Men's Solid Layering Tees.  Are you actually looking for Men's Solid Layering Tees?  Well, we hope you are because the reality is that you have found our men's layering t-shirt page.  In this area of the Apparel Search directory, you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding solid color layering t-shirts for men.

Layered clothing is a term describing a way of dressing using many garments that are worn on top of each other. Some of the layers have different, largely non-overlapping, functions. Using more or fewer layers, or replacing one layer but not others, allows for flexible clothing to match the needs of each situation. Two thin layers can be warmer yet lighter than one thick layer, because the air trapped between layers serves as thermal insulation.

Layering tees are essentially solid color t-shirts that are worn under other shirts.  For example, a man may wear a black t-shirt underneath their favorite button down flannel shirt.  They can decide to either button the flannel or leave it un-buttoned depending on the style of the times.  White tees are often worn under button down dress shirts.

Many clothing retailers offer a large variety of layering tees styles, colors and sizes.  They can come in long or short sleeve options. 

In addition to being a possible fashion statement, the purpose of the inner layer is to draw the sweat away from the skin to the next layers, which makes the wearer feel warmer and more comfortable. The transfer of moisture happens due to capillary action, sometimes called wicking.

Layering tees can also be referred to as solid t-shirts, basic tees or blank tees. They can be used as base layer tops for a wide variety of reasons.  The shirt used as the inner layer provides comfort by keeping the skin dry.  Also called base layer or first layer.

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