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A belt is a strap or girdle that is a part of casual or formal attire.  It is a fabulous fashion accessory that actually has a purpose.  A women's leather belt is a wonderful way to keep pants from falling down.  You can find a wide assortment of designer handcrafted belts or mass produced low cost versions.  The market is full a many options for ladies.

Suede and leather belts are available in standard sizes and the holes punched according to the waist size. However, even these are available in three standard sizes for people of all ages. The minimum would be a 30 inches belt and a maximum of 44 inches. They are categorized under small, medium and large sizes. Women's belts come as small as 22 inches in length and go till 32 inches. Women's belts sometimes have the option of tie strings rather than punched belts. This makes the belt look fancier as well as being a one size fits all.

Belts come in a wide range of materials. Plastic, jute, fabric, wood, reptile skins, suede, straw are a few examples of varieties of materials being used to make belts in today's market.  However, according to "this page" we believe that "leather belts" are the "best belts".

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Leather is a material made from the skin of an animal by tanning or a similar process.  Learn about the various types of leather grain that can be used for women's belts.

Leather is a natural durable and flexible material created by tanning animal rawhides and skins.

What ever fashion accessory you are wearing around your waist is in fashion.  Are you wearing a ladies style genuine leather belt today?

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