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As we have discussed in the past, there are tons upon tons, upon more tons, of fashion blogs, magazines, and style relevant newspapers on the internet.  This phenomenon is actually caused by a very legitimate reason.  The reality is that the most interesting subject in the universe is clothing and style.  It only makes sense that a plethora of people would have interest in writing about the market.  Really, what could possibly be more fun than writing about fashion trends, events, and other issues relevant to the industry?  Clearly, the answer is that nothing would be more pleasurable.  OK, maybe there is one thing that I can think of…

Below are a few of the best reading options for 2014:

Wonderwall Style January 2014 Wonderwall

Your celebrity destination for the latest celebrity gossip, news, videos, photos and more. Wonderwall is your interactive guide to all that is celebrity. News January 2014 Covering the world of fashion, designers, models, celebrities, beauty, and shopping. Comprehensive runway reviews, images, videos, and insider blogs.

Refinery 29 Fashion and Style News 2014 Refinery 29

Emerging fashion trends covered by experts. Make your source for current fashion trends.

Huffington Post January 2014 Huffington Post

In addition to columns by Arianna Huffington and a core group of contributors such as John Conyers, Harry Shearer, Jeff Pollack, and Roy Sekoff, The Huffington Post has many bloggers, from politicians and celebrities to academics and policy experts, who contribute on a wide range of topics including fashion and style.

We also suggest you check the following sites:





The Fashion Spot



Let us know your thoughts about the resources that are listed above (or news sites that you think should have been listed).  Share your thoughts about what you like or dislike regarding these sources.
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Understanding that the internet is bubbling over with blogs and news resources writing specifically about fashion, it's fair to say that it is rather challenging to put together a "best of list".  Despite the challenges, we have given it the old college try and provided a list of our top choices for 2014.  If you disagree with our opinion, you are welcome to express your thoughts and suggestions in the comments area toward the bottom of this page.

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