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This page will assist you with locating customs agencies in Netherlands.  These agencies can help you understand the requirements for importing & exporting apparel or textiles from in Netherlands.  If you plan to ship clothing or textile fabrics to Netherlands, it is best to first contact the customs office to learn more about the countries requirements... 

Netherlands - Dutch Customs Administration

The Dutch customs administration has many national and international contacts, which have generated interest in its working methods and organization. This brochure aims to meet this growing interest by providing a general overview. Customs also has a website: As a public authority, Customs is partly responsible for maintaining law and order in Dutch society. In that capacity, Customs enforces both tax legislation of certain kinds and many other rules on the import, export or transit of goods. This work has a direct impact on the quality of life in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has had a customs administration for more than four centuries. Today, the customs administration is part of Directorate-General for Tax and Customs Administration at the Ministry of Finance. They fall within the purview of the Minister of Finance and are the special responsibility of the Secretary of State for Finance. As the name of the Directorate-General suggests, it deals not only with Customs but also with taxation in general and related issues. Its work involves both tax and customs policies, and national and international legislation in both fields.

The Tax and Customs Administration is responsible for implementing a wide range of legislation. Its tasks include levying and collecting taxes, inspecting goods for import, export and transit, and investigating fraud.

Customs has branches throughout the country and a staff of approximately 5,500. It is divided into four regions: North, West, South and the port of Rotterdam. Each region has a management team with six members and includes several customs offices. The employees work in teams and are responsible for implementing Dutch policy, and both national and international legislation, on the import, export and transit of goods. Customs has three support units: the Laboratory, the Customs Information Centre, and the Central Import and Export Office.

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