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Makeup Artists & Hair Stylists Career Path Looking Bright for 2012
Fashion Industry Employment Article Posted December 2011

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Although ProductionHUB has more than 300 categories to choose from when it comes to film & video services, one in particular has grown increasingly in 2011. Studios, TV stations and ad agencies across the U.S. frequently use the Request Engine to find makeup artists and hair stylists.  Since 2008 alone, the amount of people using ProductionHUB's Request Engine to hire professional Hair and Makeup Artists for their production projects has tripled.

With over 2,000 profiles in their Hair and Makeup category alone, there is no denying the beauty industry is a competitive and ever-growing specialty on ProductionHUB. Hair and Makeup artists can show off work with reels or still photos and list clientele, making it easy for production professionals and companies to hire them directly from their profile straight to an event or film/TV shoot. Whether it's for a thriller, drama or comedy, thousands of hair and makeup artists are waiting to show off their dazzling talents at a moment's notice.

"I LOVE ProductionHUB," says Tai Shane, makeup artist & hair stylist in Las Vegas. "I use them all the time. I posted my profile on their site and people started emailing me with job offers. I am very happy with what the website has done for me and the job opportunities I've received."

With more than 4 million searches annually, creating a profile on ProductionHUB is more important than ever. And with the amount of makeup artists creating a profile on the site doubling over the past three years, the industry shows no signs of slowing down. Major companies and shows like MTV, Disney and Good Morning America are constantly looking to hire Hair and Makeup Artists.

"Whenever I'm traveling, I always look for makeup artists since those are the hardest for me to find on the road, and ProductionHUB helps me find the professionals I need," says Dave Sapp, Producer/Director of Good Morning America and MTV Docs. "I'm able to find a make up artist, no matter what city I'm in with the help of ProductionHUB."

About ProductionHUB, Inc.

ProductionHUB, Inc. is the search engine for media & entertainment. Developed in 1998, ProductionHUB connects film, television, video, live event and digital media production with those seeking industry services, equipment and professionals. Exceeding 3.5 million searches annually, this vertical B2B and entertainment industry portal has grown to become the world's largest and most active production industry search site.


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