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Research color technology & systems to help monitor or measure colors for fashion, footwear, or textiles.

Color management & technology is critical during the manufacturing process.  It is certainly very critical when factories are in the process of fabric dyeing or fabric printing.

BabelColor - color measurement and analysis.

Colormetrix - Easy to understand Pass / Fail status. Ability to verify to all standards like SWOP, GRACoL and many more. Automatic generation of TVI (Dot Gain), Dot Area, Density, L*a*b*, and L*C*h* charts. All data stored in industry standard open databases. Over ten years of professional development. Easy to use process control trend charts for proactive trouble shooting.

Colorpro - color measurement instruments.

HunterLab has introduced three new software packages for use with its line of color measurement spectrophotometers. EasyMatch® QC is a new color-quality control program that provides unprecedented flexibility to collect, display and analyze data. EasyMatch QC has seven configurable data views and uses job files to easily store and recall data. Job files can easily be e-mailed or exported to management software. A secure version is available with definable access privileges, electronic signature and audit log.
  • The new EasyGroup software is used with EasyMatch QC to perform shade sorting and tapering. It automatically groups samples of similar shade together. It can further minimize color variation by sequencing (tapering) within each group.
  • EasyMatch OL is the new on-line color-measurement software that provides real time data from the SpectraProbe┬« XE on-line spectrophotometer. Its networking capability allows you to operate up to four on-line spectrophotometer sensors using one server computer and to use multiple client computers to communicate to the sensors through the server

Konica Minolta - Color Measurement -

  •  Colorimeters
  •  Spectrophotometers (Bench Top) : Versatile standalone top-port instrument with innovative easy operation Keyboard and large LCD with wizard guidance enable easy operation for anyone without the need for a separate computer. Full range of functions for reflectance and transmittance measurements.
  • Spectrophotometers (Portable) : Compact portable spectrophotometer with wireless communication and color LCD screen

Measure Color : is your complete solution specialist for all things related to the measurement and evaluation of color on printed materials, plastics, textiles, paints, and fluids. From measurement instruments and quality control software packages to prepress services and on-site practical training sessions, MeasureColor has the resources and capabilities to answer any of your color matching concerns. To best serve your color measurement needs, we offer equipment from multiple instrument manufacturers including Datacolor, Rutherford Graphics, Techkon, TRICOR Systems, and X-Rite. With many years of experience using these vendors' most popular products, such as the X-Rite 500 Series, PlateScope, and Intellitrax to the Techkon SpectroDens, SpectroPlate, SpectroDrive, and RS800, we can instantly answer almost any question or concern. This expertise can help you focus on your priority of producing accurate color, rather than figuring out how to use QC equipment.

COL-UVPC Color Measurement Software : This software calculates the color values of the measured object from the spectra obtained by the spectrophotometer. Its main calculation parameters include XYZ, Lab (Hunter), L*a*b, L*u*v, Munsell, whiteness, yellowness, metamerism and others. Correction of values using the standard white board ensures high accuracy in color computation

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Color Measurement Devices

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