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Accounting for 60 percent of global output in the line, China is the world's largest producer of casual footwear. In 2003, the country exported 6 billion pairs, worth US$13 billion. Its main export markets are North America, the EU and Asia. The United States alone absorbs US$5 billion worth of China-made footwear each year.

China's casual footwear suppliers offer walking and comfort shoes, sandals and clogs, and casual boots. Walking and comfort shoes are the biggest line, making up 42 percent of export production. Sandals and clogs account for 32 percent and casual boots 26 percent. Only around one-third of China footwear suppliers produce boots.

Suppliers make uppers mostly from genuine leather, PU, PVC, nylon mesh, microfiber and canvas. Soles come in EVA, phylon, TPR, PU, PVC, Modal, Texon, cork and rubber.

China's casual footwear export industry has been growing steadily in recent years, and the trend will easily continue. Suppliers are registering 15 percent to 30 percent annual export growth.

In a Global Sources Supplier Survey featured in this report, almost all companies forecast increased sales in 2005. The EU was listed as a market with export growth potential by the majority of respondents. Over the past two years, China makers eager to increase orders from Europe have taken steps to meet the EU's restrictions on azo dyes and toxic glues.

Production capacity in the industry is also expanding. More than two-thirds of the 70 suppliers in this report have launched plans to boost production capacity by upgrading equipment, increasing factory size or building new plants.

Mainly due to rising material costs, but partly because of increased plant expenditure, nearly half of the companies interviewed plan to hike product prices in coming months to maintain profit margins. But to keep an edge over competing countries such as India, Vietnam and Indonesia, suppliers in China are minimizing price increases while improving quality and developing value-added designs.

R&D teams are focusing on improved comfort, lighter weight and more features. The largest makers have 100 R&D and design technicians and spend around US$2 million on R&D work each year, launching 1,000 new designs annually. The Products section of this report includes price guidelines for walking/comfort shoes, sandals and clogs, and casual boots. Moreover, the report features a 146- model Product Gallery with details of popular export models.

OEM is the core business of the industry. China suppliers produce casual footwear for such companies as Wal-Mart, Nautica, Nike, Converse, Diadora and Chiyoda. More and more, however, makers are increasing their in-house design capability, and as part of this are releasing in-house brands.

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China is the world's largest producer of casual footwear, exporting 6 billion pairs worth US$13 billion in 2003. Export growth is rising 15 to 30 percent per year.

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