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The computer bags export industry in China grew 16 percent in 2003 and 18 percent in 2004. Suppliers are optimistic of at least 20 percent growth in 2005, on the back of steadily rising demand for computer bags.

China's more than 500 computer bag export manufacturers are slowly moving to more upscale manufacture. Suppliers in this OEM-driven industry have been producing low-end and midrange computer bags priced as low as US$1 each. However, increasing production costs and intense competition in the OEM market have led to shrinking profit margins, pushing makers to move to the manufacture of computer bags with higher returns.

The following are some of the key trends we see in China's computer bags export industry:

Suppliers will increase product prices in 2005 as a result of higher production costs. Many companies had already raised prices in 2004, but further inflation is projected because raw material costs continue to increase.

More suppliers are breaking away from low-end or OEM-dominated production. Companies are producing more computer bags with synthetic or genuine leather shells, as well as models in youthful and fashionable styles.

Classic briefcase-style designs in black or dark gray will still be mainstream, but the casual backpack and messenger-bag types in vibrant colors will gain greater market share.

In anticipation of increased orders, new factories are being built to expand capacities. Some suppliers are moving to bigger locations to make room for the additional equipment they will be purchasing to increase output.

This report focuses on softside computer bags made of fabric, soft plastic and leather. It does not cover hardside models made of hard plastic and aluminum. Most China makers of computer bags produce softside models, and those that make hardside versions usually offer these as a sideline.

Classic computer bags account for 47 percent of exports by companies in this report, while casual and fashion models and backpacks make up 24 and 22 percent, respectively. Because sleeves are sold mainly as attachments to backpacks and other bigger bags, their sales make up only a small percentage of exports.

The majority of these suppliers are wholly China-owned private enterprises, along with a few foreign-owned. More than two-thirds of these suppliers have direct export capability, but most still ship their products through trading companies. Suppliers are based mainly in the coastal provinces of Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

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China's computer bag suppliers
faced with higher production costs and intense competition
are differentiating themselves by adding value to their products.

Now you can take advantage of this trend, with 86 profiles of China's major manufacturers
profiles that are only available in the pages of this report.

You'll also get a comprehensive overview of the computer bag industry in China, analyzing producer capabilities, R&D plans, output projections and more for the coming year.

Focusing on fabric and soft-plastic computer bags, this report provides you with invaluable information that will improve your sourcing efforts in the next 12 months.

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