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Intense competition and higher raw material costs have made it crucial for luggage suppliers in China to improve the quality of new releases.

Speculations of US anti-dumping measures and a reduced tax reimbursement rate early last year for textile luggage in China were also among the reasons behind the move to produce midrange and high-end designs. But higher production costs and keen competition have driven most makers to cut or stop manufacturing low-end designs.

The majority of materials used in making luggage are petroleum-based and heavily affected by the fluctuation in crude oil prices in the world market. The cost of ABS for example, the main material used for the frames, increased 20 percent at the start of the year while that of PVC and EVA grew 30 percent.

With the continuing increases in raw material costs, makers have had no choice but to raise prices. However, heightened competition is making it difficult for these companies to offer the same product type and quality at a higher price. As a result, many suppliers have started producing more upscale luggage, which commands a higher price. At present, an estimated 30 percent of the country's luggage suppliers are already focusing on high-end production.

Many of those that have shifted production focus are now reaping the benefits. Export sales at these companies have been growing at a healthy pace, and many of them have had to boost capacity to meet demand. Assembly lines at some factories have already doubled in order to meet growing orders.

The majority of companies that kept their focus on low-end luggage production, however, are operating on razor-thin profit margins and a few have already stopped operations.

China makers' move to upscale manufacture has considerably raised export value. While the country's outbound shipments in the line increased 7 percent in 2004, value grew by 18.5 percent with average prices increasing 16.7 percent.

Prices are expected to climb by 5 to 15 percent in the coming months as makers continue to expand their upmarket product lines.

Industry composition
With export sales of 2.8 billion pieces worth US$3.8 billion in 2004, China is the world's foremost producer of luggage, providing 75 percent of global supply. Eighty-five percent of the country's luggage exports is shipped to OEM/ ODM buyers, with the balance sold under suppliers' own brands.

There are currently around 1,500 luggage suppliers in the country, of which 70 percent export directly or through trading companies. On average, makers export 85 percent of output, mainly to the US, the EU, and Japan. Many of these are shipped to major luggage brands Samsonite, Delsey, Titan, Roncato, and High Sierra.

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China Suppliers of Luggage

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Research based on in-person factory tours

China is the world's largest producer of luggage, accounting for 75% of global supply. In the first seven months of 2005, it shipped 1.6 billion pieces worth US$2.3 billion.

Stiff competition in the industry and higher raw material costs have now made it critical for suppliers to enhance the quality, design and durability of their products.

With profiles of 66 suppliers, this China Sourcing Report will show you how to find the right suppliers and the right products for your business in this rapidly evolving industry.

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