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China's luggage export industry has been experiencing steady growth over the past couple of years. After a 15 percent increase in exports in 2003, the country shipped out close to US$4 billion worth of luggage last year, up 18.5 percent from the prior year.

Exports continue to grow, with sales in the first seven months of 2005 increasing 7.5 percent to US$2.4 billion.

Prices have been increasing because of higher raw material costs. But more makers in China are also exporting higher value luggage to move away from keen price competition in the low end.

The following are some of the key trends we see in China's luggage industry:


More suppliers are expected to expand into upscale production in coming months. Makers that have already shifted into midrange and high-end manufacture are experiencing robust growth. This has encouraged many luggage makers to venture into these segments as well.

Even though many companies are producing upmarket designs, low-end luggage will continue to be China's mainstay for the next several years.

Rising material costs will still have a major impact on prices. Regardless of product focus, the majority of suppliers will be increasing prices by up to 15 percent in coming months.

Although softside luggage will remain China's largest export product in the line, shipments of hybrid models are expected to increase. More makers are venturing into the production of hybrid luggage, which combines the strengths of soft and hardside models.

Buyers can expect lighter and more durable luggage from China in coming months as more makers are now using stronger materials that can also reduce overall weight.

China luggage makers produce softside, hardside and hybrid models. These are also the scope of this report.

While most suppliers offer a range of luggage across all categories, some specialize in one or two lines. More than half of the suppliers in this report make at least two types of luggage, with about one-third making all product categories for export. Suppliers focusing on only one type of luggage usually offer softside models.

Of those suppliers offering at least two types of luggage, about two-thirds focus on softside models as well. While there are companies focusing on hardside luggage, none of the suppliers in this report manufacture only hybrid models.

The features and prices of each kind of luggage are discussed according to low end, midrange and high end in the Products & Prices section.

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China is the world's largest producer of luggage, accounting for 75% of global supply. In the first seven months of 2005, it shipped 1.6 billion pieces worth US$2.3 billion.

Stiff competition in the industry and higher raw material costs have now made it critical for suppliers to enhance the quality, design and durability of their products.

With profiles of 66 suppliers, this China Sourcing Report will show you how to find the right suppliers and the right products for your business in this rapidly evolving industry.

Get the facts you need to benchmark current manufacturers and shortlist potential new ones. You'll also benefit from an industry overview, practical price guides and much more.

Suppliers: 66
Oct 05
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