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China accounted for approximately 60 percent of the world's output of sleepwear in 2005. More than 10,000 exporters of sleepwear shipped out US$1.6 billion worth of the products in the same year.

As with most garment industries in China, sleepwear makers enjoyed significant growth in the first few months after the WTO textile quotas were eliminated. Export volume in the first two months of 2005 grew by 46 percent and sales, 29 percent, compared with the previous corresponding period. Exports from January to November 2005 to the US alone were 231 percent more than total outbound shipments to the country in 2004.

Shortly after the US and EU filed safeguard petitions, exports began to drop and average prices started to climb. However, an agreement between these countries and China late last year has eliminated the possibility of restrictions for shipments of sleepwear. Government-imposed export taxes were also removed in December.

These developments have affected suppliers' production strategies for the year, with many taking a cautious attitude toward expansion, and exploring other options to generate more overseas orders.

The following are some of the key trends we see in China's sleepwear industry in response to this situation:


Suppliers are expected to produce more upscale models in coming months. The threat of possible safeguards, export taxes and higher operating expenses are the factors that have contributed to this upmarket shift. The growth experienced by the midrange and high-end makers is propelling many companies to venture into these segments as well.

Higher material and labor costs continue to be a challenge for most makers, with 46 percent of companies in this report planning to raise product prices by up to 10 percent in coming months. However, intense competition in the line is keeping price movements at a minimum, with the majority planning to keep prices stable.

More suppliers will invest in automated machinery and vertical integration to improve efficiency and allow for greater design variety. Some companies are purchasing weaving and knitting machines to produce part of their fabric requirement in-house.

Women's pajama and shorts sets will continue to dominate sleepwear exports from China, followed by women's nightgowns and nightshirts.

China makers can offer most types of sleepwear for men and women, but most focus on the latter.

More than 80 percent of suppliers featured in this report produce all the styles of sleepwear for export, and more than 90 percent have women's styles as their main line.

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China is home to more than 10,000 manufacturers of sleepwear, exporting about US$1.5 billion worth of the product annually. More than 90% are small and midsize companies producing from 10,000 to 500,000 pieces a month.

 Where do you begin sourcing in this vast supply market?
 What are the competitive strengths of the various production centers?
 Which company best suits your requirements?

This report, which includes profiles of major China producers, will help you successfully navigate China's sleepwear industry. Plus you'll get a comprehensive industry overview, providing insightful research to help ensure the best quality for your customers and the best prices for yourself.

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