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Chaozhou Qiaodong Garment Fty

ISO 9001:2000-certified Chaozhou Qiaodong has been manufacturing sleepwear, casual wear, evening dresses and wedding gowns for more than 20 years. Sleepwear accounts for 40 percent of output, the sale of which accounted for 80 percent of the company's total turnover.

All sleepwear output is exported to OEM clients based mainly in the EU and North America. Dove of France and Keds of Israel are among the company's major clients.

The company produces low-end and midrange nightshirts and nightgowns, and pajamas for men and women. Knitted designs account for 70 percent of all sleepwear output and women's models, 80 percent.

Sleepwear designs are made mostly of pure cotton, satin, polyester and nylon. The fabric is sourced mainly in Zhejiang province because suppliers there can offer more competitive prices for the material. Accessories such as lace, buttons and ribbons are sourced within Guangdong province.

Prices range from US$1.50 to US$5 per piece or set. Higher raw material and labor costs have affected production expenses, prompting the company to raise export prices up to 5 percent in the next 12 months.

The company invests US$40,000 annually in its 18-person R&D, tasked mainly to develop and improve buyers' designs. However, the team also creates its own designs and releases more than 1,000 new styles each year. It usually takes five days to develop a new model, which is designed mostly by hand.

Chaozhou Qiaodong's 500-worker, 20,000sqm factory has separate workshops for sampling, cutting, sewing, finishing and embroidery. Printing is subcontracted.

The four-building facility is located five minutes away from downtown Chaozhou. In the sampling workshop, there are 12 workers creating patterns according to design specifications. The cutting section has six cutting boards and six machines sourced from the US. The machines can cut a stack of fabric as thick as 20cm.

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Supplier Profile  
Company facts  
Year established 1986
Head office location Chaozhou (Guangdong)
Business type Manufacturer: Direct exporter
Ownership Mainland China-owned
Factory location(s) Chaozhou (Guangdong)
Total factory area 20,000sqm
Full-time employees 500
Total annual sales (all products) US$9.0mn
Annual R&D spending US$0.04mn
R&D % of sales 0.4%
ISO certified


Sales & output: Sleepwear  
Annual sales US$7.2mn
Share of total sales 80%
Annual export sales US$7.2mn
Total monthly capacity 350,000 pieces
Average monthly output 250,000 pieces
Capacity utilized 71%
Average monthly exports 250,000 pieces
Export ratio 100%
OEM/oDM % of exports 100%
Major OEM/oDM customers Dove (France), Keds (Israel)

China Sourcing Report


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China is home to more than 10,000 manufacturers of sleepwear, exporting about US$1.5 billion worth of the product annually. More than 90% are small and midsize companies producing from 10,000 to 500,000 pieces a month.

 Where do you begin sourcing in this vast supply market?
 What are the competitive strengths of the various production centers?
 Which company best suits your requirements?

This report, which includes profiles of major China producers, will help you successfully navigate China's sleepwear industry. Plus you'll get a comprehensive industry overview, providing insightful research to help ensure the best quality for your customers and the best prices for yourself.

Suppliers: 75
Mar 06
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