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Antex (De Qing) Fashion Co. Ltd

Established in 2004, Antex is a large maker and exporter of garments. The company posted sales of US$30 million last year, a 100 percent increase from earnings in 2004.

Swimwear takes up 45 percent of total sales. All output is exported, mainly to Italy, France and Spain. Italy's Golden Lady and Verdissima are among the company's major OEM clients.

The company has a factory in Zhejiang province and another in Hanoi, Vietnam. The latter has an area of 2,000sqm and has 150 employees.

Women's swimwear, priced from US$2.20 to US$12 per piece or set, takes up 70percent of output. The rest is divided equally between men's and children's models.

Designs for men are priced fromUS$2 to US$5 per piece, while children's models are US$1.20 to US$6. The company will keep prices stable this year.

Nylon and spandex blends are the most common materials used in designs. These are sourced from the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong.

For upscale models, fabric is imported from Hong Kong or purchased from international suppliers such as Invista, Eurojersey andDuPont.

Most accessories are sourced locally, with some imported from Italy.

The company has a 62-member R&D team that includes designers from Italy. The team can release 1,000 to 1,700 new models annually.

Design and pattern development are done using CAD software, a digital input device, and equipment from Lectra and Algotex.

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Supplier Profile  
Company Facts  
Year established 2004
Head office location Deqing (Zhejiang)
Business type Manufacturer: Direct exporter
Ownership Mainland China-owned
Factory location(s) Deqing (Zhejiang), Hanoi (Vietnam)
Total factory area 30,000sqm
Full-time employees 1,650
Total annual sales (all products) US$30.0mn
Annual R&D spending US$1.00mn
R&D % of sales 3.3%
ISO certified


Sales & output: Swimwear  
Annual sales US$13.5mn
Share of total sales 45%
Annual export sales US$13.5mn
Total monthly capacity 660,000 pieces
Average monthly output 330,000 pieces
Capacity utilized 50%
Average monthly exports 330,000 pieces
Export ratio 100%
OEM/oDM % of exports 100%
Major OEM/oDM customers Golden Lady, Verdissima (Italy)

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