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India is the sixth-largest apparel exporting country in the world, with exports valued at US$5.5 billion in 2004, a year-on-year growth of 12 percent in value terms. Women's garments comprise the majority of apparel exports from the country, accounting for an estimated 45 percent of shipments. Exports in the category will soar in the next 12 months as a result of the removal of quota restrictions.

Suppliers have been preparing for the anticipated demand growth by expanding their capacity and at the same time enhancing quality and reducing delivery times to compete in the 'survival of the fittest' scenario of the quota-free regime.

The following are some of the key trends we see in India's women's garment export industry:

The country will become the next most-attractive apparel sourcing option after China, leaving behind other garment exporting countries in Asia.

Production capacity will increase dramatically as the majority of makers plan to set up new factories or expand their current ones in the next 12 months.

Intense internal and external competition will force makers to modernize and automate their factories to improve quality, lower production costs and reduce delivery times. Many makers have already planned to upgrade their facilities with computerized sewing machines, automatic fabric laying and cutting machines, and CAD software.

Increased competition might also result in a shakeout in the industry, as small companies with limited capital might not be able to survive price pressures, and as new entrants join the line.

Export prices will decrease by up to 10 percent as suppliers undercut each other to secure more orders. In addition, competition from China will force makers to lower quotes.

Women's tops and dresses will remain the main export product categories, but output and exports of pants and trousers will increase substantially.

Women's tops, including blouses and T-shirts, dresses, skirts, trousers and sleepwear are the main categories of women's garments exported from India. Tops comprise an estimated 50 percent of output and exports, followed by dresses and skirts with combined exports of approximately 30 percent.

Pants currently comprise only about five percent of exports, while sleepwear accounts for almost 10 percent. This report covers all these main women's garments produced by India makers.

The Products & Prices section explains the differences between low-end, midrange and high-end garments in each product category and includes their respective price ranges. The Manufacturing module discusses the production processes followed by India makers, highlighting the steps they are taking to automate garment manufacture. The R&D/design module elaborates on makers' design focuses, while the fabrics & Accessories section provides insight into suppliers' raw material sourcing strategies.

Among the featured suppliers in this report is South India-based Eastman Exports, the largest exporter of knitted garments in the country, with total sales amounting to US$90 million in financial year 2003-04. Also visited for the report is North India-based Shahi, which is among the top five garment exporters in India.

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India Sourcing Report

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India is poised to be the next big winner
after China
in textile manufacturing, with garment exports expected to grow 20% year-on-year by the end of 2005.

To meet this anticipated increase in demand, suppliers are upgrading their production facilities. They are also working to improve quality and reduce delivery lead times.

With impartial profiles of 84 key manufacturers, as well as an overview of the industry, this report will help you source women's garments more easily and cost effectively from India.

You will benchmark leading suppliers and improve your competitive edge with detailed information on design trends, price forecasts, QC developments and more.

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