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China's knitted fabric export industry is poised for growth, after recovering from a slowdown in the first few months of 2005.

The country's nearly 3,000 exporters shipped close to US$3 billion worth of knitted fabric in 2004, registering 17 percent growth. But exports slowed at the beginning of the following year as orders from garment-exporting countries in Asia, China's main market for knitted fabric, decreased. These garment makers suffered from the lifting of WTO quotas in January, with many of their overseas buyers turning to China for their apparel sourcing.

Safeguards on a number of China-made knitted apparel categories and an increased focus on the EU market, however, have propelled growth, with sales in the first seven months of 2005 increasing 13 percent to US$2 billion.

The following are some of the key trends we see in China's knitted fabric industry:

Rising material costs will continue to have a major impact on prices, with the majority of suppliers increasing quotes by up to 15 percent.

Many companies are upgrading their facilities to improve production efficiency and capability. A number of makers in this report are purchasing new machines that can make either more types or larger amounts of fabric.

Single-jersey knit fabric will remain China's largest export product in the line, as it is the easiest to make and has the most number of applications. Unlike other types, single-jersey knits do not require specialized types of machines in production. The manufacturing process is also simpler, and the fabric can be used in many types of apparel.

Buyers can expect more functional knitted fabric releases from China in coming months. Apart from coating the fabric with new or improved functional finishes, more companies are using yarn made of plant-based synthetic fiber. This is indicative of an upmarket shift in production focus and a growing awareness of environment-friendly materials.

China makers can offer most types of knitted fabric, which can be classified in many different ways. For the purpose of this report, knitted fabric is divided into six major categories: single/jersey, double/ interlock, rib, purl, tricot and raschel.

While most suppliers offer a range of knitted fabric across all categories, some specialize in one or two lines. More than 80 percent of the suppliers in this report make at least two types of knitted fabric, with about two-thirds making only weft knits for export.

The features and prices of each type of knitted fabric are discussed according to low end, midrange and high end in the Products & Prices section of this report. It also details the other types of knitted fabric that fall under each major classification.

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Research based on in-person factory tours

China is the world's largest producer of knitted fabric, exporting close to 800 million kilograms worth US$3 billion a year, accounting for roughly one-third of global sales.

The country is home to about 2,700 manufacturers offering a variety of knitted fabric including single/jersey, double/interlock, rib, purl, tricot and raschel.

Who are these makers? Where are they based? How can you differentiate one supplier from the other? Which offer the best products, at the best prices?

You'll find the answers here. Plus you'll get a detailed overview of the industry, highlighting key characteristics of many leading companies. Take a closer look by clicking on the tabs below.

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