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In this section of the Apparel Search clothing manufacturers directory, you will find collar band manufacturers.  You will be able to research factories producing various types of colar bands for your shirt packing needs.

  Doran Manufacturing : Doran Manufacturing has been located in Jacksonville Florida since 1978. Doran Mfg is a leader in Shirt Packaging Industry. Doran Mfg supplies both Large & Custom Shirtmakers, Dry Clean Suppliers, Dry Cleaners and all the major uniform makers. They Ship Worldwide.... Doran Mfg is the proud manufacturer of National Flexway Collar Stays and Supports and Magnolia Paper Products.

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If you are a manufacturer of shirt packaging supplies such as collar stays, shirt butterflies, collar bands, jet clips, etc., you may want to check the following sections to find possible buyers for your products: Shirt Factories, Shirt Factories Pg. 2, Shirt Factories Pg. 3, Shirt Factories Pg. 4, Shirt Factories Pg. 5, Shirt Factories Pg. 6, Dress Shirt Factories, Men's Dress Shirt Wholesalers, Men's Shirt Wholesalers, and Women's Shirt Wholesalers.

Do you know which shirts typically need the most shirt packaging materials?  In my opinion, it is the dress shirts and blouses that require the most shirt packing components.

Learn more about women's shirts, men's shirts, and children's shirts in our clothing guide section.

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The proper use of collar bands can breathe life into the launch of a new brand. It also adds that little bit extra to your niche and special collection.  Use various shapes, sizes and colors to make your product stand out when it is opened by consumers.  Many collar band manufacturers provide a full range of features for the customization of its collar bands.

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