Ultrasuede works MAGIC in Las Vegas
Fashion News Article Posted January 4, 2007

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Ultrasuede is debuting at the February 2007 MAGIC Show, the twice-yearly Las Vegas premier event that attracts over 100,000 fashion professionals working in men's, women's and children's apparel and accessories. Determined to stand out in the show's more than one million square feet of exhibit space, Ultrasuede plans to lure weary show attendees to a luxurious and relaxing Ultrasuede Lounge.

An open-air oasis near the foot of the stairs on the Sourcing Level at MAGIC, the Ultrasuede Lounge invites attendees to sit, relax with refreshments, and preview, at their leisure, the latest colors and textures of Ultrasuede . (they'll find them hanging in banners above their heads.)

As befits this show,  the emphasis will be less on the haute-couture heritage of Ultrasuede and more on the hot-couture applications that draw today's most adventurous designers to the fabric. On display at the Ultrasuede Lounge will be everything from high-fashion jackets and high-tech running shoes to cowboy chaps and skateboard wear. There will even be a trendy new line of dog couture.

At the Lounge, MAGIC attendees will unwind on avant-garde DellaRobbia sofas and ottomans upholstered in sensuous, fashionista-caressing violet and aubergine Ultrasuede . And if they decide they d like to take away a swatch of Ultrasuede , they can just ask their hosts to snip the color of their choice from the Ultrasuede banners suspended from the ceiling.

The Ultrasuede Lounge is also where the company will introduce customers to the new Ultrasuede U certification mark, now available to add value to their brands most distinctive new designs.

In addition to the Ultrasuede Lounge, Ultrasuede will also be on view at the DNR Lounge in the Grand Lobby, the main entrance to MAGIC where thousands gather four times a day for lavish MAGIC fashion shows. Like the Ultrasuede Lounge, the DNR Lounge will also feature luxurious DellaRobbia furnishings upholstered in sumptuous Ultrasuede.

MAGIC takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center February 13th through the 16th.   The Ultrasuede lounge is located on the Sourcing Level, booth #FA21171. About Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc. TUA is a subsidiary of Toray Industries, a $13 billion multinational company which is the worldwide leader in advanced ultra-microfiber technology and the inventor of the first ultra-microfiber. Ultrasuede is a registered trademark of Toray Ultrasuede (America), Inc. Additional information about Toray Ultrasuede is available at http://www.ultrasuede.com  

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