New Greeting card range set to compliment your Fashion lifestyle
Fashion Article Posted March 22, 2007

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UK based Artist and Yolande Letshou has announced the launch of her new Fashion Art collection entitled Love Genevieve (

The Fashion Art collection comprises of a selection of Fashion Art merchandise which includes original greeting cards, canvases and T-shirts which are all reproductions of her extraordinary unique original Art Works.

She explains My products incorporate distinct trends, themes, colors and graphics evolving in the fashion market place. I celebrate my Love of fashion and Art by making it part of our everyday world Yolande Letshou has been an Artist for over 5 years and after struggling to find a unique birthday greeting card to reflect her fashionista friend, she decided it was time to launch her own collection which catered for the modern day fashionista.

The collection consists of catch phrases ensured to leave a lasting impression and also there's a card to reflect every fashionista from all backgrounds.

The collection not only reflects Yolande's passion for Fashion and Art but also reflects her heritage, as the collection has a lot of French influences and references.

It is currently available online via her website, Paris and selected North London boutiques. A full list of current stockists is available via her website.

The collection is set to expand its distribution outlets and encourages all buyers who want to offer something unique, trendy and fashionable to their Boutiques and shops to get in touch.

ew Greeting card range set to compliment your Fashion lifestyle.  Design by Yolande Letshou

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