e-privateSale.com for Discount Designer Fashions Jeans and Handbags
Fashion Article Posted February 29, 2008
(yes, today is leap year)

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A new designer fashion web site provides deep discounts on jeans and handbags as well as other fashions.

Thanks to Emmanuel Besserve and Patricia Maroday it is now possible to find bargain prices on trendy fashion brands through a new designer fashion web site they created at http://www.e-privateSale.com

Hot trendy fashions are expensive, and finding discounted prices on the Internet is hard to do. Clothing web sites have so many brands and products that shoppers get lost and have trouble making choices,

explained Maroday about the reasons she was motivated to come up with a better online shopping solution.

Most people love to go to sales at fashion stores, but no one enjoys standing in long lines. Shopping online should be easier, faster, and stress-free. This is why we created our web site, said co-founder Besserve.

Shoppers at http://www.e-privateSale.com can register for a free a membership, which entitles them to shop in the online private club for up to 70 percent off retail prices. Each brand is placed on sale for a limited time until a specified closing date. After that date the item is no longer available and a new item is listed.

We also reward our members with shopping vouchers as our way to thank them when they refer their friends who make a purchase, said Besserve.

Currently the site is open for anyone to register for a free membership.  Once all available membership spots are taken, the site will be closed. Membership will then be available only to those who are sponsored by an existing member, according to Maroday.

About e-privateSale.com:

Brandex Enterprises Corp. of Miami, Florida, operates e-privateSale.com for private members who wish to purchase discounted designer fashions, as well as jeans and handbags. Brands are offered for a limited time at a discount, then they are replaced by new products. Worldwide shipping is offered. The site was created by Emmanuel Besserve and Patricia Maroday.

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