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Fashion Article Posted December 22, 2009

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This article is written and provided by Star Labels Private Ltd.  To learn more you can view the Star Labels website.

There is a a growing trend, aimed at giving tag free comfort to people of all ages & adding value to your brand

The entire garment and apparel industry -- from intimate apparel to industrial wear, from performance sport wear to high street fashion wear -- needs tagging / labeling.  These labels bear information such as size, wash-care, company logo/brand name. 

The scenario today:
Most of the garment and apparel manufacturers are using the woven/stitch labels which are sewed onto the clothes (on back neck). These labels cause tickling/itching feel to people, especially during the hot summer. Often it can also cause irritation and skin allergy.

The growing trend:
For the last few years there is a shift towards tag free garments and apparels. More and more manufacturers of clothes in many countries are now moving/have moved from regular woven / embroidered labels to TAG FREE COMFORT labels. 

All about heat transfer labels:
The tag free label is heat transferred onto the garment using heat press and that is why technically it is called as Heat Transfer labels. It is also called as tag less labels or sew free/stitch free label since the heat transfers bypass the stitching or sewing work.

These labels are a revolution, aimed at giving tag free comfort to people of all ages and adding value to your brand . Not a tall claim, but we are among the few companies to offer such consumer-comfort labeling solutions.

Mumbai (India)  based emerging firm, Star Labels Pvt Ltd with its registered trade mark STAR PRINTS , has aggressively got into manufacturer/export of these Tag Free Comfort Labels for apparel, garment and textile industry.

Under the brand STAR LABELSCOTM, it offers:

*Star Premium Heat Transfer Labels
*Star Stretch Heat Transfer Labels
*Star Industrial Heat Transfer Labels

The company also offers Star Special Application Heat Transfer Labels as per your requirements. Special applications include: Rain Coat, Leather Fashion Accessories, Plastic Accessories, Umbrella, Uniforms, Corporate Branding cloths, Home Textiles, All types of sarees and dress materials, etc.

Application in garments and apparels:
Although tag free label is a substitute for woven/stitch labels for application on garments and apparels, its application is far and wide. These are highly recommended for swimwear, sportswear and performance wear, Men's and women's casual clothing, intimate apparel and children's wear. 

Other applications:
However, keeping the consumers in mind, labeling is necessary for all clothing and textile products such as home textiles, pillow covers, bed sheets, sarees, dress materials of all types, uniforms of all types (including office, factories, schools and defense  and security forces). We also offer customization facility as specified by our clients. 


1. Transparent base : Accurate positioning and re-fusing helps in minimizing the rejection.
2. Our Proprietary formula allows easy peel, increase shelf life up to 6 months.
3. More extra washing strength up to 50 home wash.
4. These labels are offered with improved high definition graphics and different data and brand
5. It is cost-effective for in terms of materials and labour.
6. If required, we offer inhouse design solutions and can give you multiple designs for choosing.
7. The heat transferred impression on garments and apparels remains intact.
8. 'short Run: Small quantity is feasible at a reasonable price.

Advantages: Tag free labels are aimed at giving COMFORT to people of all ages, besides adding little more brand value to your clothing products.  Tag free labels are better choice for garment, apparel and textile manufacturers who want to express their caring attitude to their customers.

A. Consumers:

1. Tag free Comfort:  No Tag means non itchy feel.
2. Feel Good Factor:  Label gets inbounded with garment /apparel thus gives a
feel good factor with attractive look.
3. 'skin friendly Technology which is phthalate and lead free, fabricated from ink procured from reputed suppliers and our Star Label's Proprietary formula are at par with International standards and is suitable for skin contacts.

B. Apparel, garment, textile manufacturers: 

Brand Protection: Minimizes risk of counterfeiting. These Labels cannot be tampered once it is Heat Transferred on to garment and Apparel, that is, once tag less label is heat transferred (which is easy) re-branding by unscrupulous components is  impossible.

Availability: These labels are printed on high quality polyester Film. These labels are offered in various sizes, designs and colors and are supplied in A4 perforated sheet which are easy to detach in a fraction of second and apply without any hassle.

Tag free labels are all about comfort that your consumers can experience while wearing the clothes. Sooner or later, this little tag free label will no longer be an optional, but a must.

This growing trend can make a big difference to consumers in terms of Comfort
and of course add value to garment and apparel manufacturers' brands.

About Star Labels Private Limited

Star Labels Private Limited, with its registered trade mark STAR PRINTS , is an emerging manufacturer/exporter of Tag Free Comfort Labels for apparel, garment and textile industry. It has deployed state of the art plant and machinery. The company is fully equipped to offer heat transfer labels solution especially for back neck label application. Its news unit is located on a 2500 sq.ft area on Thane-belapur Road in New Mumbai. It has also set up a branch office at Tirupur, the T-shirt city in Tamil Nadu and many more to be opened.

The above article written and provided to Apparel Search by Star Labels.


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