Tips on Taking Care of Your Beautiful Leather Jacket
Fashion Article Posted June 25, 2009

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It is no accident that natural materials derived from animals remain the most popular choices in the garment industry today. Modern man discovered centuries ago, long before women's lamb leather jackets came into vogue that wools, furs and hides possessed properties that allowed him to keep warm, carry supplies and carry out other day to day tasks with more efficiency. The same tough hide that protects animals from injury and the elements has been crafted, generation after generation, into long-lasting and beautiful leather jackets, women's wool coats, fur coats and other outerwear accessories - all tailored for the ultimate fashion statement.

Although leathers are naturally durable, it does succumb to harsh condition. But to keep your new lamb leather jacket looking like new, it takes just a little time for regular care. The goal is to maintain the dyed color and the cleanliness of the material without stripping out the natural lubrication, which can cause dulling and breakdown of the material. Choose cleaners that maintain this moisture, yet leave behind no oily or sticky residue, and follow the cleaning instructions closely.

Remember to use extreme caution if you plan to undertake cleaning by yourself. To start, make very certain to choose cleansers that are appropriate for the types of leathers you wish to clean. Cleaners that are perfect for auto seat covers, for example, may be all wrong for an Italian lamb leather jackets. Use products in an extremely well-ventilated area, preferably near a sink, since many products can cause skin, eye and lung irritations.

Very IMPORTANT - When using a product for the first time, be sure to test it on an area of the leather coat of leather jacket that is not visible to others when the garment is in use. Like underneath the arm or beneath the cuffs. The same rule of thumb also holds true for conditioners and polishers that can cause streaking, drying, or oily spots if not used properly. When in doubt, contact the place where you purchased the item for advice on what types of cleaning products are right for your purchase.

Franks Furs can recommend the appropriate cleaning and conditioning products and processes to use in the care of various leather jackets and coats. They can also offer tips and personal service so that you can polish, if necessary and protect your garment for the long haul.


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