Top 10 Fashionable Halloween Costumes
Fashion Article Posted October 6, 2011

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Top 10 Fashionable Halloween Costumes

It's October, which means that orange is in style – until Halloween's over, that is! But if you're planning on attending a Halloween party with friends or work colleagues, you probably don't want to show up in a pumpkin costume. Here are some costume ideas that are so fashionable, you just might win the costume contest for your style!

Audrey Hepburn fashion1. Audrey Hepburn – Audrey was one of the most stylish ladies of the silver screen. There are many different looks you could try, but the most popular would be her look from Breakfast at Tiffany's: a glamorous mid-length black dress with black gloves, flats, pearls, sunglasses, and a tiara. If you want to be more creative, you could get ideas from another one of her films, such as Roman Holiday, Funny Face, or Charade.

2. Madonna – Forget Lady Gaga. This lady was the original pop princess. To emulate her outfit from Like a Virgin you need a white bustier and skirt, white lace gloves, and lots of bracelets and necklaces. For her 80s look, wear a black tank top and short skirt, fishnets or leggings, black fingerless gloves, ankle boots, and lots of jewelry. For material girl, you'll need a bright pink prom dress and gloves. Curly hair or a wig and overdone Coco Chanel Halloween fashionmakeup is a must.

3. Mad Men – This is the perfect costume for those of you who love vintage. For Joan, wear a brightly-colored dress that shows off your curves with a red wig and a broach. Peggy's look , is more preppy with collars and plaid prints, bangs and a ponytail. For Betty you could wear a 50s homemaker dress, a cocktail dress, or a white nightgown, along with her perfect blonde hairdo.

4. Kate Middleton – A stylish, form-fitting knee-length dress with mid-length sleeves is a good start, along with her huge sapphire ring and a prim English hat. You could also find a long-sleeved lace wedding gown from a thrift store and tailor it to look like her fabulous dress.

5. Coco Chanel – Ms. Chanel was all about minimalism. If you wear a vintage long-sleeved black dress and a pearl necklace, you're there. Alternatively, you could wear a tailored skirt suit in black and white tweed.

Equestrian Halloween Costumes6. Donatella Versace – The essentials for this costume are a long platinum blond wig and a spray tan or bronze foundation. Pair it with a short dress in a metallic or neon color and fake eyelashes.

7. Equestrian – This one is relatively easy to put together – all you need are dark leggings, a white turtleneck, a dark blazer, and knee-high boots. Accessories include a black riding cap or top hat, white or black gloves, a riding crop and a hobby horse.

Black Swan Halloween Costume8. Black Swan – Upstage all the ballerina costumes with this unique idea. You need a black leotard, black tulle skirt, pink ballet tights, ballet shoes or flats, and a tiara. Dress it up with black feathers and black stage makeup around the eyes.

9. Gossip Girls – This is a great look if you want to throw something together from your closet of fashionable clothes. Serena's look is boho chic, with lots of long necklaces, tailored jackets, and skinny jeans. On the other hand, Blair's look is preppy, polished, and ladylike – she always wears dresses and skirts. If you are a fan of the show, this should be an easy costume to pull off.

Fashion Blogger Halloween Costumes10. Fashion Blogger –For those of you into fashion blogs, why not dress up like you write one? Wear some ultra-trendy clothes, hang a big camera around your neck, and ask people if they've read your blog yet. Better yet, channel your favorite blogger – dress like a kooky grandma with big glasses and a mop-top for Tavi Gevinson, or go Parisian chic with menswear accessories for Garance Doré.


This article was written for Apparel Search by Andrea Erins.  Andrea has been a college professor for 13 years and likes to write about various topics related to education. She is the owner of the site Education Degree.


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