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Halloween has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhaim and the Christian holiday All Saints' Day, but is largely a secular celebration today. Common Halloween activities include trick or treating and, of course, wearing costumes or Halloween-related attire. According to the National Retail Federation, in the United States 53.3 percent of consumers planned to buy a costume for Halloween 2005, spending $38.11 on average (up $10 from the year before). They were also expected to spend $4.96 billion in 2006, up significantly from just $3.3 billion the previous year. The troubled economy has caused many Americans to cut back on Halloween spending. In 2009, the National Retail Federation anticipated that American households would decrease Halloween spending by as much as 15% to $56.31.

According to Wikipedia, Halloween costumes are traditionally modeled after monsters such as ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils. Over time, the costume selection extended to include popular characters from fiction, celebrities, and generic archetypes such as ninjas and princesses.
What sets Halloween costumes apart from costumes for other celebrations or days of dressing up is that they are often designed to imitate supernatural and scary beings. Costumes are traditionally those of monsters such as vampires, ghosts, skeletons, witches, and devils, or in more recent years, science-fiction inspired characters such as aliens or superheroes. There are also costumes of pop culture figures, which include presidents, athletes, celebrities, or film, television, and cartoon characters. Another popular trend is for women (and in some cases, men) to use Halloween as an excuse to wear sexy or revealing costumes, showing off more skin than would be socially acceptable otherwise.

Even for those who don't dress up, Apparel Search recognizes that some consumers still show their holiday spirit by donning Halloween-related accessories such as skull themed jewelry, funky pumpkin printed socks or tights, or festive orange and brown hair bows. Others who don't wear costumes may opt to dress a bit funkier than usual, sporting a fun accessory such as a boa or a pair of torn and tattered tights or leggings.

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Written for Apparel Search by Regina Cooper September 2010

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