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Apparel Search understands the significance of the Halloween holiday. Not only is Halloween a fun and festive holiday that involves lots of fashion and dressing up, but it is also significant to the health of the retail industry. According to the National Retail Federation, U.S. Halloween spending is predicted to bounce back from last year's grim sales as Americans plan to spend considerably more this year. Total spending is forecasted to reach $5.8 billion according to NRF's 2010 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey. Americans are predicted to spend an average of $66.28 on costumes, candy, and decorations, up from $56.31 in 2009. Halloween is considered second only to winter holidays in terms of decoration.

The National Retail Federation’s 2010 Top Costumes survey found that nearly 120 million children, adults and their pets are likely to sport traditional as well as trendy costumes this year. Proving old habits are hard to break, 4.3 million children will celebrate Halloween dressed as a princess. Princess costumes have topped NRF’s children’s top costume list for six consecutive years. Witches are the preferred adult costume this year and pets across the country will most likely dress as pumpkins.

Of course, pop culture and Hollywood still play a large role in costume choices for all ages. Thousands of children will hit the streets dressed as Buzz Lightyear and Harry Potter characters. Spider-Man and witches will also be popular.
Vampires remain popular among adults, maintaining the number two spot two years in a row, and many adults will dress as pirates. After falling off the radar last year, nurse costumes jumped up on the list.  Alice in Wonderland characters made the adult costume list for the first time this year, tying with Star Wars characters.

Consumers’ four-legged friends will stick to the more traditional options, including devils, witches, hot dog's and bees.

Top Adult Costumes Top Children’s Costumes Top Pet Costumes
1. Witch 1. Princess 1. Pumpkin
2. Vampire 2. Spider-Man 2. Devil
3. Pirate 3. Witch 3. Witch
4. Nurse 4. Pirate 4. Hot Dog
5. Wench/tart/vixen 5. Disney Princess 5. Bee/cat (Tie)
6. Cat 6. Action/super Hero 6. Dog
7. Zombie 7. Ghost 7. Superdog/supercat
8. Fairy 8. Pumpkin/vampire (Tie) 8. Ghost
9. Athlete/batman (Tie) 9. Batman 9. Pirate
10. Dracula 10. Star Wars Character 10. Bowties/fancy Collar/bandana

Apparel Search also includes some hits from Party City, which include more timely and trendy options such as Lady Gaga, Snookie of Jersey Shore fame, Mad Hatter from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, and Cleopatra.

This Halloween Costumes 2010 term was written by Regina Cooper for Apparel Search October 4th, 2010.

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