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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded to advance the arts and sciences of motion pictures; foster cooperation among creative leaders for cultural, educational and technological progress; recognize outstanding achievements; cooperate on technical research and improvement of methods and equipment; provide a common forum and meeting ground for various branches and crafts; represent the viewpoint of actual creators of the motion picture; and foster educational activities between the professional community and the public-at-large.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts is a professional honorary organization of over 6,000 motion picture professionals.

The Oscars! has become the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' most famous activity.

At the beginning of every year the attention of the entertainment community and of film fans around the world turns to the upcoming Academy Awards. Oscar Fever hits, building to the crescendo of the annual presentation of golden statuettes, when hundreds of millions of cinema lovers glue themselves to their television sets to learn who will receive the highest honor in filmmaking.

During the months of January and February Hollywood is engrossed in the emotion of the upcoming Academy Awards.  During this time of year, the fashion community is equally a buzz.  Certainly we have interest in learning who will win the awards.  However, our hearts are beating faster because we are anxious to see what the stars will be wearing.  As the fashion celebrities, exit their limos, we eagerly await the first peak at their clothing and accessories. 

The fashion photographers flash their cameras and the fashion columnist's jot down their notes.  The world is very anxious to see which designer label is being worn as the celebrities strut down the red carpet.  Who will make the best dressed list and who will become a mockery

In addition to be a star studded spectacular, The Academy Awards Presentation is also the activity that enables the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to maintain its varied year-round calendar of programs and events and a wide-ranging educational and cultural agenda.

If you were not sure how the system works:

All voting for Academy Awards is conducted by secret ballot and tabulated by an international auditing firm. Secrecy is maintained by the auditors - the results of balloting are not revealed until the famous envelopes are opened on stage during the live television program. Because the Academy numbers among its members the ablest artists and craftsmen in the motion picture world, the Oscar represents the best achievements of the year in the opinion of those who themselves reside at the top of their craft.

The annual Oscar presentation has been held since 1929.  In their first year, the Academy Awards were presented at a private dinner in the Blossom Room of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, with fewer than 250 persons attending. Public interest proved so great, however, that the following year the Academy permitted radio broadcasting of the event. Television added a new dimension in 1953, enabling millions throughout the United States and Canada to watch the ceremonies. Telecasting in color was begun in 1966, bringing home viewers the full sparkle and glamour of the event. Since 1969, the Awards program has been telecast throughout the world, by the mid-1990s reaching movie fans in over 100 countries.

You can learn more about the Academy Awards and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at their website located at


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View our Fashion at the Academy Awards section.

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