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Welcome to the second page of our clothing store by category directory.  A marketplace is a brick & mortar or online location where goods and services are exchanged.  When shopping for clothing, footwear, or fashion accessories, it is important to find the retailer that provides the product you are searching to discover. 
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Learn more about clothing retailers:

Department stores are very large stores offering a huge assortment of "soft" and "hard" goods which often bear a resemblance to a collection of specialty stores. A retailer of such store carries a variety of categories and has a broad assortment of goods at an average price. They offer considerable customer service.

Discount stores tend to offer a wide array of products and services, but they compete mainly on price. They offer extensive assortments of merchandise at affordable and cut-rate prices.

Mom-And-Pop clothing stores are typically a small retail outlet owned and operated by an individual or family.  Due to space constraints they generally focus on a relatively limited and selective set of products.

A specialty store has a narrow marketing focus.  They typically are specializing on specific merchandise, such as menswear, womenswear, shoes, handbags, or swimwear.  Or they may have a specific target audience, based on age, size, or another variable.  Plus-size fashion and big & tall shops are a good example.  The size of this type of apparel retailer varies; some specialty stores might actually be retail giants.

Boutique or concept stores are similar to specialty stores. Concept stores are very small in size, and only ever stock one brand. They are run by the brand that controls them.

A shopping mall has a range of retail shops at a single outlet.

Above are simply a few examples of the types of retail outlets that fashionistas can use to get their fill of shopping.

Thank you for visiting our clothing store directory.  This section lists retailers by the clothing categories that they sell.  You can find additional methods to search fro apparel retailers from our main clothing store section.