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The fashion term  "investment dressing" refers to a new wave of recession-conscious consumers who opt to purchase a few items of clothing that can effortlessly move from season-to-season. By accessorizing and creatively mixing-and-matching, budget-conscious fashionistas can maximize their wardrobes.

Rather than "fast fashion," which refers to inexpensive trendy items at H&M, Target, and beyond, this trend is about "slow fashion." Investment dressing refers to purchasing less clothing, but selecting higher quality items that can be worn for years. These items are well tailored, made from better fabrics, and tend to be more classic in style. Apparel Search equates the trend with a few other key words such as "value," "quality," and "green." Another factor to consider when evaluating an "investment" piece is color. Neutral colors such as black, brown, beige, navy, and gray can be worn over and over and easily mix with other pieces and colors.

The term "investment dressing" refers to the concept of strategically selecting high-quality apparel items that complement the items that you already have in your wardrobe. This trend typically emerges during times of economic recession when spending is curtailed. The investment dressing option involves less purchases, but these purchases should certainly reflect craftsmanship, which means being well-tailored and finished well.

Investment dressing includes apparel and accessories that can be mixed and matched and worn together with minimal effort. This type of wardrobe should be developed according to a color palette, styles that coordinate well together, and fabrics that are compatible with one another. Some pieces that work well in investment dressing include the little black dress, which can be worn during the day to the office or accessorized well for a night on the town. A classic blazer is also a good option for investment dressing. The cut here should be rather contemporary, and the fabric may include a tweed or other classic textile.  The classic or "investment dressing" includes either a pencil skirt or an A-line style, which can be paired with a crisp button-down shirt.
By the way, if you were actually interested in reading about investing in fashion companies, rather then investment dressing, you can visit the financial section here on Apparel Search.
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Written by Regina Cooper for Apparel Search 2010

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