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According to Wikipedia, pop-up retail (pop-up shop in the UK), is the trend of opening short-term sales spaces.

Generally referred to as “pop-up stores,” the concept, which was once a retail trend, has gone mainstream. These stores, which tend to “pop up” and then disappear a few days or weeks later, generally utilize vacant spaces such as retail and office spaces, lofts, warehouses, and beyond.

The pop-up stores/temporary retail spaces tend to have a "cool" factor that attracts shoppers, creates buzz and, in turn, generate lots of publicity. The stores typically provide some type of entertainment factor for shoppers, and they often cast a museum or art gallery-like vibe.

Many consider Target to be the pioneer of pop-up stores. To kick off Isaac Mizrahi's collection, the cool and trend-conscious retail chain opened a 1,500-square-foot pop-up store in New York City's Rockefeller Center. At holiday time one year, Target tied a barge emblazoned with its iconic bull's-eye-logos to a pier in the Hudson River. At a space across from Bryant Park in New York City, Target opened up a pop-up shop with UK retailer Liberty of London. Since these events tend to generate lots of buzz, the publicity factor has led many other retailers to follow suit.  

Not limited to fashion, other types of brands are also opening pop-up stores. Belvedere Vodka utilized a sleek NYC space for the launch of its pink grapefruit flavor.

Written by Regina Cooper for Apparel Search July 8th, 2010

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