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A scoop back swimsuit has a low curved back opening.

One Piece Scoop Back Swimwear

A low back swimsuit is any swimsuit that features a deep back. Some of which go as far down as the small of the back, right above where your briefs might sit.   They are feminine and sexy, showing off more of our figure and the curve of your back.  Some swimsuits are square backed, some others we call scooped back. And some come to something of a point, like a spear tip. Low back swimwear can be any of the above, but are usually scoop backed and very rounded in shape.

What is swimwear?  Swimwear

What is one piece swimwear?  One piece swimwear

If you want to be even more stylish, you should wear your favorite Women's One-piece Scoop Back Swimwear.

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