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This page will assist you with locating customs agencies in Pakistan.  These agencies can help you understand the requirements for importing & exporting apparel or textiles from in Pakistan.  If you plan to ship clothing or textile fabrics to Pakistan, it is best to first contact the customs office to learn more about the countries requirements... 

Central Board of Revenue

Pakistan Customs is the guardian of Pakistan borders against movement of contra band goods and is facilitator of bona fide trade . It provides a major source of revenue to the Government  of Pakistan in the form of taxes levied on the goods traded across the borders. It also helps to protect the domestic industry, discourage consumptions of luxury goods and stimulate development in the under -developed areas. 

Import Process:
Two main documents of the import process are Import General Manifest (IGM) and Bill of Entry (BOE). An IGM is generated by the carrier (or his agent) bringing the imported goods in to the country. Whereas , the BOE is prepared by the importer or his agent in accordance with the import documents. The goods are then examined and assessed to value by the customs authorities . After payment of customs duty and other taxes leviable at import stage the goods are cleared for home consumption . Removal of goods to bonded ware - houses , provisional release of goods against bank guarantees , transshipment of imported goods to up country dry ports and auction of goods not cleared within a stipulated period of time are also part of import process.

Export Process:
Two main document of the export process are Shipping Bill and Export General Manifest (EGM) . The Shipping Bill is prepared by the exporter or his agent and presented to the customs authorities along with goods to be exported . After examination and valuation of goods , the export is allowed by the customs authorities and rebate is sanctioned , in due course of time , against the payment of customs duty on the imported raw materials used in the manufacture of such goods . An EGM is generated by the carrier (or his agent) taking the goods out of the country.

Quota Supervisory Council

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