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To braid is to interweave or twine three or more separate strands of one or more materials in a diagonally overlapping pattern. The word is used in many contexts:

As a noun, braid refers to any object created by such weaving, particularly if it remains in a strand or rope-like configuration. Simple braids with more than three strands can be flat or tubular and generally contain an odd number of strands. Complex braids have been used to create hanging fiber artworks.

Braiding of fiber yarn creates a strand or rope that is thicker and stronger than the strands would have been separately. Braided ropes are preferred by arborists and rock climbers because they do not twist under load, as does an ordinary twisted-strand rope. These ropes consist of one or more concentric tubular braided jackets surrounding a single untwisted yarn of straight fibers.

Gold braid and silver braid are components or trims of many kinds of formal dress, including military uniform (in epaulettes, aiguillettes, on headgear).

As a verb, the term refers to the process of creating a braid, either a real one, as in braiding one's hair (example, French braid), or a metaphorical braiding such as He braided many different ideas into a new whole.

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