Haggar Fashion Commercials 2007
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Haggar Clothing Co. is a manufacturer of men's clothing based in Dallas, Texas. Haggar markets clothing in the United States, Canada, Mexico.  The Haggar Clothing Company was founded in 1926 by Lebanese immigrant Joseph Marion Haggar in a one-room office in the Santa-Fe Building in Dallas, Texas. JM Haggar personally purchased all materials, supervised production and handled all sales. The first line of pants he produced was named “Keen Built” after the popular phrase of the time meaning “superior make”. By 1929 he occupied two floors and employed 250 people. Haggar followed the motto of ”Making a good product and selling it at a fair price”, and within a few years, the Haggar Company employed 500 workers and was on track to produce 75,000 pairs of pants annually.  The rest is history.

Haggar Cable Guy 2007

Haggar Harassment 2007

Haggar Overgrown 2007

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