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Stock videos is the supply of video, which are often licensed for specific uses.

Are you searching for fashion videos that you can purchase or license for use on your website or other publication.  There are some companies that provide videos.  You will need to consult directly with each company to learn about their pricing and terms of use.

WireImage -VideoHeadquartered in New York, WireImage provides worldwide image syndication through its international offices and a global network of affiliates. WireImage is a division of Getty Images, Inc., a leading creator and distributor of visual content.

Do you have fashion videos that you wish to share with the fashion industry?  You are welcome to post fashion relevant videos at our new Fashion Industry Network site.

You can also search for fashion week videos by Fashion Videos by Fashion Designer or Fashion Brand or Fashion Videos by Fashion Week Events.

Have you been searching for fashion videos for your fashion blog or fashion website.

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