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Higher raw material costs and a growing supplier base are intensifying competition in China's costume jewelry export industry.

The prices of petroleum-based materials have been escalating since2004 because of the higher cost of crude oil in the world market. There has also been a marginal increase in the cost of metal. With sustained and significant increases in material costs, the majority of costume jewelry manufacturers in China have had to raise prices at the start of 2005 to offset higher expenses.

In fact, the average export value per gram of costume jewelry exported from China in the first 10 months of 2005 increased 24 percent.

But while the higher average export value per gram is mostly attributed to a general increase in prices, an up market shift among suppliers is also a factor.

With costume jewelry exports increasing at a healthy rate in each of the past two years, new manufacturers have been quick to join the industry. The number of suppliers is expected to grow further as the low-entry barrier attracts more companies to the line.

With the supplier base growing, many of the more established companies are moving up-market to distinguish themselves and become more competitive. Their years of experience in the line, financial stability, and technical and design expertise have helped them make the shift from low-end to midrange and even high-end production. Some companies now specialize in sterling silver models, many of which are plated in 18K gold.

Although raw material costs are not expected to stabilize in coming months, most manufacturers will not raise prices in 2006. This is particularly true for companies that have already implemented price increases in 2005 and those that have moved up market.

Industry composition
China is the world's foremost producer of costume jewelry, accounting for about half of global supply. Exports have been increasing in the past few years and continue to show strong growth: Sales in the first 10 months of 2005 grew more than 50 percent to US$650 million. It is estimated that 70 percent of the country's exports in the line go to OEM and ODM customers.

Currently, about 60 percent of all costume jewelry export volume in China is low-end, 30 percent midrange and 10 percent high-end.

About 70 percent of China's 5,000 costume jewelry makers have export capability and of these, only around 1,000 can ship products directly. The rest export via the country's more than 1,500 trading companies.

A richer sales experience, better service quality and more distribution channels are some of the advantages of sourcing from a trading company. Because of these factors, small makers and entrants may find it difficult to compete with trading companies that have been long-term major players in the industry.

However, products from trading companies are usually 5 percent more expensive than when they are sourced directly from manufacturers.

About 65 percent of costume jewelry makers are small companies and around 90 percent are privately owned. Large manufacturers account for no more than 5 percent of all exporters, and only about 10 percent are foreign-owned or joint ventures. The majority of makers can produce all types of costume jewelry, although a few concentrate on one or two product lines.

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Based on in-person factory tours

China's 5,000 costume jewelry manufacturers produce about half the world's supply. The industry is currently increasing at a rate of better than 50% per year.

But suppliers in are facing numerous challenges that are going to impact your sourcing ability in the months ahead, including higher raw material costs and intensifying competition.

Lured by the low-entry barrier and high growth prospects, more companies continue to join the industry. Existing companies are also expanding production capacity and improving their facilities to meet the surging demand.

How can you find new, cost-effective opportunities
and stay ahead of your competitors.

With profiles of 61 major costume jewelry suppliers and a gallery of 153 popular export products, this report will show you how to do the job right.

Suppliers: 61
Jan 06
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