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Affinity (Jewelry) Ltd

Established in March 2004, Affinity exported close to US$1 million worth of mostly midrange costume jewelry in 2005, mainly to the US and the EU. The company is targeting to expand its market reach to Asia, Japan in particular. Exports to Japan are expected to account for 30 percent of total shipments in coming months.

ODM work accounts for 30 percent of exports and OEM orders, 70 percent.

Affinity produces about 100,000 pieces of costume jewelry each month. Ninety percent of these are made of sterling silver and the rest are copper.

Metal, imitation stones, buckles and machine-made chains are all sourced locally.

The cost of materials and R&D expense are key price determinants, accounting for 60 percent and 15 percent, respectively, of total product cost.

In general, low-end jewelry in simple designs, fewer stones and lower weights are priced from US$0.50 to US$5. Mid-range designs are US$5 to US$15, while high-end models in elaborate styles and high-grade materials are priced at US$15 and above. Some of the newer releases with intricate design detailing even go for as much as US$50 each.

The company has a 50-member R&D team, of which two are designers. The other team members are in charge of samples. The team releases 300 styles monthly, with samples finished in seven to 10 days.

The production facility consists of a three-story building for the office and plant, and the workers' living and dining quarters. The plant occupies two floors of the manufactory building.

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Supplier Profile  
Company facts  
Year established 2004
Head office location Dongguan (Guangdong)
Business type Manufacturer: Direct exporter
Ownership Taiwan-owned/invested
Factory location(s) Dongguan (Guangdong)
Total factory area 4,500sqm
Full-time employees 350
Total annual sales (all products) US$1.6mn
Annual R&D spending US$0.23mn
R&D % of sales 14.4%
ISO certified


Sales & output: Costume jewelry  
Annual sales US$1.6mn
Share of total sales 100%
Annual export sales US$0.8mn
Total monthly capacity 100,000 pieces
Average monthly output 100,000 pieces
Capacity utilized 100%
Average monthly exports 50,000 pieces
Export ratio 50%
OEM/oDM % of exports 100%

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Costume Jewelry

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Based on in-person factory tours

China's 5,000 costume jewelry manufacturers produce about half the world's supply. The industry is currently increasing at a rate of better than 50% per year.

But suppliers in are facing numerous challenges that are going to impact your sourcing ability in the months ahead, including higher raw material costs and intensifying competition.

Lured by the low-entry barrier and high growth prospects, more companies continue to join the industry. Existing companies are also expanding production capacity and improving their facilities to meet the surging demand.

How can you find new, cost-effective opportunities
and stay ahead of your competitors.

With profiles of 61 major costume jewelry suppliers and a gallery of 153 popular export products, this report will show you how to do the job right.

Suppliers: 61
Jan 06
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