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China's sunglasses export industry continues to be focused on the low-end market, although more midrange and even high-end models are being produced as a trend to improve design capability gradually takes hold. China suppliers offer fashion, sports and children's sunglasses, with exports for 2004 estimated to reach US$370 million.

Fashion designs are the biggest line, taking up 52 percent of export output by suppliers in this report. Sports designs account for 34 percent and children's models 14 percent. These output shares will likely stay close to current levels for at least the next two years, as most companies see fashion models as the sector with the best growth potential, followed by sports sunglasses.

Nearly all China sunglasses suppliers make both fashion and sports models. Children's models are produced by the majority of suppliers, but usually as a sideline. Some companies do not make children's models at all, while there are others that specialize in the line.

The following are some of the key trends we see in China's sunglasses export industry

Prices are expected to increase as makers deal with rising material and operating costs.

Supplier interest in the EU market has risen substantially among makers that are improving products under efforts to reap higher margins.

More upscale components such as titanium frames and polarized lenses are being used on new releases, even as low-end models continue to dominate exports.

UV400 protection is standard on all exports from quality-certified suppliers, although fake UV lenses do exist in China's industry and cause price undercutting that puts pressure on suppliers of low-end sunglasses using genuine lenses.

Soaring oil costs in recent months have pushed up sunglasses makers' expenditures for plastic frame and lens materials. As a result, many makers plan to inflate product prices in the year ahead.

The vast majority of China sunglasses makers do not manufacture their own lenses, finding it more cost-effective to source this key component from optical companies. However, most makers are capable of handling lens processing in-house, with the emphasis on applying special coatings.

Suppliers are producing models with special features such as curved, translucent and patterned frames and mirror, rainbow, polarized and power-magnification lenses. The most expensive models from China have titanium frames and polarized lenses.

As competition in China's sunglasses industry has intensified, the copying of designs has grown fiercer. The result is urgency among suppliers to release unique and innovative designs with greater frequency.

While the average number of new releases per year among companies interviewed for this report is 300, the large makers are capable of launching up to 1,000 new designs annually.

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China Sourcing Report


China's sunglasses manufacturers continue to rely on their traditional strengths: OEM work, high output and low prices.

But as competition heats up, more makers are adding a fourth dimension to attract buyers
the capability to develop unique designs. As a result, R&D expenditure is rising quickly.

This 113-page China Sourcing Report highlights these and many more recent trends, with a comprehensive industry overview giving details of new products, price strategies and more.

It also provides you with in-depth, impartial profiles of key China sunglasses suppliers that you can use to pre-qualify manufacturers on your next sourcing trip.

  Suppliers: 73  Products: 165  Pages: 113  Published: Nov 04  Price: US$395
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