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   EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  see sample page
 6 - 18 
   INDUSTRY OVERVIEW  see sample page
Supplier demographics
Products and prices
Materials and components
Production hub: Wenzhou
Supplier survey
export prices, export sales, R&D spending, R&D focus, target markets, equipment purchase plans, capacity expansion, hot product lines
 19 - 84 
   SUPPLIER PROFILES  see sample page
Manufacturing capability
Popular export models
 85 - 106 
   PRODUCT GALLERY  see sample page
Fashion sunglasses
Sports sunglasses
Children's sunglasses
 107 - 113 

China Sourcing Report



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China's sunglasses manufacturers continue to rely on their traditional strengths: OEM work, high output and low prices.

But as competition heats up, more makers are adding a fourth dimension to attract buyers
the capability to develop unique designs. As a result, R&D expenditure is rising quickly.

This 113-page China Sourcing Report highlights these and many more recent trends, with a comprehensive industry overview giving details of new products, price strategies and more.

It also provides you with in-depth, impartial profiles of key China sunglasses suppliers that you can use to pre-qualify manufacturers on your next sourcing trip.

  Suppliers: 73  Products: 165  Pages: 113  Published: Nov 04  Price: US$395
All information contained in China Sourcing Reports is the result of original, independent and impartial research conducted by Global Sources analysts.    Apparel Search is working in association with Global Sources to help promote this sourcing report to the international fashion community.  If you have questions about the report or status of your orders, please e-mail Xue Mei for further assistance.
The Sunglasses China Sourcing report has been developed and maintained by Global Sources.  Apparel Search is working in association with Global Sources to help promote this sourcing report to the international fashion community.

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