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Report Summary:
Global Technical Textiles Business Update
20 pages, published in Issue 68, 1st quarter 2007  

The first quarter of 2007 was a busy period in global markets for technical textiles. Ahlstrom signed agreements to acquire Orlandi's spunlace nonwovens business in Italy and Fabriano Filter Media a maker of microglass filter media. DSM Dyneema acquired Switzerland-based Pamako. Also, it won a legal battle after alleging that China's Hangzhou Pivot International had infringed patents covering its ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) Dyneema fibre. Danish investment company LD Equity took complete ownership of Jacob Holm & Sons STA. The latter owns Norafin, which manufactures technical and speciality nonwovens. It also owns Tytex, which produces medical textiles for global healthcare companies. Meanwhile, Whitestone took over Humanicare and created a US leader in adult incontinence care products.

In business news, Edana is concerned that anti-dumping duties on polyester staple fibres are causing problems for European nonwovens producers. Nonwovens manufacturer fibertex is exploring the potential of nanocoatings and Smith & Nephew plans to be the exclusive distributor of UDL Laboratories Biobrane Biosynthetic Wound Dressing outside the USA. Nanopeutics and HemCon Medical Technologies have agreed to develop nano-scale nonwovens with chitosan for the US Military. Tyco healthcare will be renamed Covidien before separating from its parent company. And a consortium backed by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the UK will develop textiles made from bioactive glass nanofibres for medical applications.

In investment news, Ahlstrom will spend Euro5 mn (US$7 mn) on a new dry-laid nonwovens line at its facility in Groesbeck, Texas, USA. PGI will invest in a new technology to make
an entirely new category of high performance, cost effective engineered materials for wipes and other uses. d3o lab which makes the smart material d3o has completed a multi-million pound round of fund raising initiatives to fuel international growth and commercial expansion. Meanwhile, Milliken has invested in a new microbiology laboratory at its Technical Centre in Gent in Belgium.

Research by Freedonia Group predicts that US demand for geosynthetics will rise by 4.4% a year to 2010, reaching 796 mn m2(870 mn yd2), while demand for coated fabrics will increase by 3.2% a year to 569 mn m2. Demand for wipes, on the other hand, will grow by 6.1% a year to US$2.2 bn in 2011.

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Global Technical Textiles Business Update
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Published four times a year, Technical Textile Markets provides you with easily accessible information on the development of new fibres, their properties, their potential applications and their growth prospects.

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Much of the information and data published in Technical Textile Markets is not widely available, and would take your researchers many hours to obtain.

Traditional applications for technical textiles include tyre cords and ropes, but producers are increasingly manufacturing fibres used in high-tech products for a wider range of end uses. Industries which are now involved in technical textiles include:

  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Building/construction/engineering
  • Medical/hygiene
  • Packaging
  • Protective Clothing
  • Sportswear
  • Transport
Whether your business is in fibres, textiles, apparel production or in one of the specialised end use sectors, Technical Textile Markets can help to identify market trends and opportunities, and will provide you with a comprehensive database from which to plan your future strategy.

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Editorial: New Technologies for Smart fabric and Intelligent Textile Products: Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells and Plastic Electronics

Global Technical Textiles Business Update

Profile of Lenzing: A Leader in Cellulosic Fibres and a Joint Venture Partner in Carbon Fibres

Smart fabrics and Intelligent Textiles in the UK: Seven Companies at the Forefront of Innovation

Statistics: Asian Fibre Consumption and Production

The World Nonwovens Industry: Part 3

Ten Smaller Producers

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The Textile Industry and Apparel Industry Reports in this section have been developed and maintained by Textile Intelligence.

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