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Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows: A Glittering Spectacle

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was an annual, highly anticipated event that showcased the brand's latest lingerie collections and featured performances by renowned musicians. The show was an extravagant spectacle, often held in iconic locations, and attracted millions of viewers globally.


The first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show took place in 1995 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Initially, it was a modest event, primarily aimed at promoting the brand's products to a wider audience. Over the years, it grew in scale and grandeur, becoming one of the most sought-after events in the fashion industry.

The show typically featured Victoria's Secret Angels, a group of top models who had prominent contracts with the brand. These models were selected for their international recognition and ability to embody the brand's glamorous image.

Event Frequency:

Up until its evolution in marketing strategy, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was an annual event, usually held in November or December. The event was a blend of fashion, music, and entertainment, often featuring popular musical artists performing alongside the models on the runway.  Please consult their website to find out the current frequency of events & learn about their events calendar.

Famous Fashion Models:

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was known for featuring some of the most famous and influential models in the fashion industry. Here are a few notable names who have graced the Victoria's Secret runway:

Adriana Lima: A Brazilian supermodel and one of the most iconic Victoria's Secret Angels, known for being the longest-serving Angel in the brand's history.

Tyra Banks: An American model and television personality, Tyra Banks was one of the original Victoria's Secret Angels and a prominent figure in the early shows.

Heidi Klum: A German supermodel, television host, and entrepreneur, Heidi Klum was a Victoria's Secret Angel and a recognizable face in the fashion shows.

Gisele B√ľndchen: A Brazilian supermodel and former Victoria's Secret Angel, known for her numerous appearances and influence in the fashion industry.

Alessandra Ambrosio: A Brazilian model and actress, Alessandra Ambrosio was a Victoria's Secret Angel and a frequent presence on the fashion show runway.

Miranda Kerr: An Australian model, Miranda Kerr was a Victoria's Secret Angel and known for her elegance on the runway.

These models, along with many others, played a significant role in making the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show a globally recognized and celebrated event in the fashion world.

Becoming a part of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show or being selected as a Victoria's Secret Angel is a highly competitive and sought-after opportunity in the modeling world. The process involves a combination of talent, hard work, a standout portfolio, and being noticed by the right people within the industry.

Develop a Strong Modeling Portfolio:

Sign with a Reputable Modeling Agency:

Participate in Fashion Weeks and Shows:

Attend Casting Calls:

Demonstrate Fitness and Confidence:

Pass Casting Auditions:

Selection Process:

The final selection is based on a variety of factors, including marketability, suitability for the show's theme and collections, and how well the model aligns with Victoria's Secret's brand image and values.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2023

1995 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (first Victoria's Secret Fashion Show)

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