Soulexpress At September 2008 GDS International Event for Shoes & Accessories
Fashion Event Article Posted July 30, 2008

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As part of GDS 2008, International Event for Shoes & Accessories, 100 young designers will present their original collections in the unconventional Young Fashion Area design attackalongside selected, more established labels. With the theme 'sOULEXPRESS , the design attack section will feature independent fashion, urban and streetwear as well as accessories and other trendy lifestyle products in a real 'soul-city setting. Exhibitors such as Gumbies from the United Kingdom , HOKKA from Germany and the German brand Buygo have already registered to take part. design attack is an important part of GDS's promotion of young talents. We provide young designers and international buyers with a suitable communication platform that adapts to the spirit of the age, commented Kirstin Deutelmoser, Project Director of GDS. The event will take place from September 12 14, 2008 at the fairgrounds in D'sseldorf , Germany .

After the re-organization of GDS, design attack will now be close to the urban fresh and urban active areas in Hall 3. Popular, mainstream lifestyle and fashion brands such as Skechers, Yellow CAB and Tatonka will showcase their urban and sporty shoe fashions in the immediate vicinity of design attack .

design attack will have an extraordinary hall design. A train station concourse with a railway carriage and tracks will be the event area, where dancers will present daily SOUL EXPRESS performances. Three themed main streets will lead visitors through Soul City : 5th Avenue , Disco Street and the Bronx . The booth will be designed as stores lining these streets in the matching colors brown, white, black and orange. Another highlight will be the SOULEXPRESS Party on September 12 in the evening.

To draw special attention to particular young designers, the 'sOULEXPRESS Fashion Award 2008 will be presented in the categories Best Outfit and Best Shoe on September 14. The winners will get a free design attack booth at the March 2009 GDS. In addition, the Main Association of the German Footwear Industry (HDS) will award the Footwear Fashion Future Award in cooperation with Messe D'sseldorf at GDS.

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For further information on visiting or exhibiting at GDS 2008, contact Messe D'sseldorf North America, 150 North Michigan Avenue, Suite 2920 , Chicago , IL 60601 . Telephone: (312) 781-5180; Fax: (312) 781-5188; E-mail: Or visit the web site


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