Put The Screw To Autos But Save Fashion
Fashion Article Posted March 10, 2009

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The state of affairs in the Auto Industry is a debacle of full proportion.  When did the world decide that companies that do not make a profit are desirable to maintain in existence.   Putting aside the abusive slap in the face to Darwin's principles, governmental intervention to prop up a failing business eats at the core of our nations principals.  Our founding fathers did not state, that we are "guaranteed" great success.  It is my understanding that they actually intended for us to have the opportunity to "pursue" our goals.  As one of us fails on our individual pursuit, certainly another in our nation would succeed.  As long as one fails and one succeeds, the world continues to chug along.  It is unrealistic to assume that all business "can" succeed.  It is simply foolish to believe that all business "should" succeed.
Isn't natural selection supposed to wane off the weak so that the strong may survive?   
When manipulating the WEAK to survive (as the government is currently doing), we are simultaneously HURTING THE STRONG.  As a result of pulling strength (competitive advantage) away from the healthy companies, the world is left with fewer companies that are strong and a greater number of companies that which are weak.  Essentially, we are throwing a wrench into the wheel of natural order.  It is true that some may argue that helping the weak now will make them strong for the future.  However, did previous bailouts in history help these auto makers???  Also, as a point of fairness, why help the losing team in a free and fair economy.  If you play the game, shouldn't we have both winners and losers?  Does it make sense for us all to be victorious.  The last time I checked the map, it did not say "Utopia".
In regard to autos, as long as cars are the primary vehicle of transportation, innovative companies will arrive to carry the torch.  Why are we helping the companies that could not properly control the flames?  The industry has already faltered as current companies have been burned by not properly carrying their responsibilities.  Simply put, the existing companies have failed.  It is time for these failed entities to pass the responsibility to someone new.  If we bail them out, the new team never gets a turn.
As we obtrusively alter reality via government intervention, we are creating a false reality that will need to correct itself some where down the chain of business evolution.  It is best to move along quickly, rather then force the worlds economy to suffer a slow death.   Let the failed automakers die off and turn them to fertilizer.  Possibly smaller automakers will pop up like flowers to carry the torch to a well run business model.
OK, but what does any of this have to do with fashion.  Well, I was getting to that part...
For "transportation", we have many options.  We can drive cars, ride buses, ride on bicycles, ride skate boards, ride roller skates, etc.  For goodness sakes, we can even get from point A to point B on Heely's (yes, those sneakers with wheels in the soles).  So, if we lose automakers we still have other sources of transportation.  However, when dealing with CLOTHING, we only have "clothing".  We do not really have other options.
People can say, "I do NOT have a car available to me today, but I can still make it to work."
People can NOT say, "I do NOT have clothing available, but I can still make it to work.".
Due to the fact that a high "unemployment" rate is the only thing that can guarantee a slow economy.  It is my opinion, that it is more important to save the Fashion Industry then it is to save the Auto Industry.  Again, we can go to work without a car, but we can not go to work without clothing (yes, I understand exotic dancers can...).
If you wish to save the worlds economy, buy clothing.

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