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Fashion Shopping Article Posted September 21, 2009

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  Halloween Costumes

The demand for Halloween costumes has never had it so good! Sites like Costumes4less.com and others offer hundreds of options online today! You have the clown costumes, Star Wars costumes, Harry Potter, Elvis, Disney characters, Playboy, Batman, Pirate costumes, Rock Stars, Superman and Spiderman costumes! If there is Ferocious Gorilla for men, there is the Officer Frisk Men's for women besides Sexy Naughty Santa and the Blue Vampiress costumes! In clown costumes there are baby clowns, clown gags, masks, prop, killer, teen and child clown costumes! All the options in Halloween costumes come to fit for a wide range of sizes for human and for pets!

The year 2009 saw a tremendous rise in the popularity of Barack Obama Masks and renewed interest in political costumes. Movie hero, Super Hero and pirate costumes have continued to remain in the list of the choicest options. The Batman saga, especially the Joker and the Dark Knight continues to feature amongst the top of the popularity list. The characters from the Harry Potter films both popular figures like Voldemort, Dementor and the new characters like Half Blood Prince Slytherin, Professor Horace Slughorn; besides the Quidditch Robe, Harmione wig and attires of vampires, skeleton and zombies; and yes Wolverine, from the movie X-men Origins: Wolverine, have shown tremendous rise to the top of list of popular choices.

Indiana Jones and the characters from Star Wars like Chewbacca, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda and Darth Vader, besides the Clone and Storm Troopers have been also been very popular alongside new entries like Inflatable Sumo and Transformer costumes!

Shrek has been a regular feature as well as cowboys, astronauts and costumes from the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Queen Elizabeth costume still finds its takers and so does Marie Antoinette. Not surprisingly, costumes corresponding to celebrities who are no longer with us have done well. The list includes Elvis, Farrah Fawcett and Billy Mays. The demand for Michael Jackson costume has shown a serious rise after the recent demise of the legend.

In womens costumes, Playboy Bunny, Austin Powers Fembot the famous and sexy android, Gangster Moll, Pirate Wench and Ahoy There Hottie seem to be in great demand! Other popular costumes are Emma Frost Sassy Prestige, Enchanting Queen of Hearts and St Sinners School for Girls costumes.

In costumes for children, the popular items are Transformers Bumblebee, Teen Titans DC, Aladdin Jasmine Deluxe. Club House Minnie Mouse have made to the charts besides Wolverine Original costume. 2009 has also seen dedicated fan followings for Star Trek characters, Terminator T 600 and Wolfman amongst boys; and Spidergirl, Batarina, Princess Tiana and the Flower Fairy amidst girls.

By the way, in addition to the Halloween costume stores listed above, you can also shop for Halloween costumes at Amazon.  They actually have a rather fantastic selection (Halloween Costumes at Amazon).

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