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If you really enjoy skiing you can find additional Skiing products at Amazon (Ski Magazines, Skiing Books, Ski Clothing etc.).  Just so snowboarders do not feel left out, you can also find Snowboarding products.  The below section primarily lists "ski" hats, but certainly they are for "snowboarding" also.

Ski Hats on Amazon

  Heidi Hats : Exotic fabrics with polar fleece in four distinct styles.  Heidi of Heidi Hat encountered the ultimate fashion emergency. A Ski Pro at Aspen Mountain, she needed to be warm on the slopes, but also wanted to look good. What to do, what to do? She never liked hats much in the first place, so she realized there was no other choice but to make herself a hat she would like. Sewing and designing with fun, colorful, fabrics, mixing and matching concepts that might not necessarily go together, Heidi Hat soon created the perfect fashionable and functional accessory... the quintessential Heidi Hat! The classic pillbox shape was her initial template and with warm fleece... Experimenting and expanding, Heidi Hat soon began incorporating glamorous scarves, headbands, and an assortment of other hat styles, from beanies to brims. Her savvy sense of fashion and dazzling combinations of bright colors with exotic, stunning fabrics makes her hats and accessories more than just noticeable. Leopard and other animal prints, contrasting with fancy brocades and sparkly textures are among some of the more infamous hats.

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  • Ski Hats

  Miller Hats : Wide selection of fedoras, western, outback, fur, leather, caps, and berets.  Miller Hats is one of the World's largest online Men's Hat Store, and also offers a tasteful variety of Women's and Children's Hats. They have been in the hat business for over 30 years, are family owned and operated, and committed to providing their customers with quality hats and unsurpassed service. Miller Hats sells only those hats that meet their superior standards; and will therefore provide you, the customer, with years of wearing pleasure. They stock an abundant selection of all your favorite Hat Brands; including Borsalino Hats and Caps, Stetson Hats, Dobbs Hats, Indiana Jones Hats, Kangol Caps and Berets, Charlie 1 Horse and Resistol Cowboy Hats, and Biltmore Hats. Miller Online Hat Store has every imaginable Hat Style and fabric, whether you are shopping for Felt Hats, Straw Hats, Wool or Summer fabric Hats. They offer Dress Hats, Fedoras, Indiana Jones Hats, Safari Outback Hats, Western and Cowboy Hats, Military and Cavalry Hats and Caps, Fur and Leather Hats, Derby and Top Hats, Golf Hats, Panama Hats, Sports Casual Hats, and Ski Hats. Miller Hats offers an extensive selection of Western Hats, whether your first choice is an Open Road, Gambler or Outback Western Hat.

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  Squirlybond Snow Wear Apparel : These unique caps are created using 100% wool and thick polar fleece to keep you dry and warm on the slopes.  SquirlyBond embodies the spirit of creative knitting and the joy of trading within their borders and beyond. They are local knitters with homegrown quality and style. They find themselves, building on old concept, knitting to serve and inspire. Some of the knits are reminiscent of their Scandinavian ancestors who are the first known traders of knitted goods. Knitting from their own flock and trading with their neighbors has served as a grassroots way of supporting the community's overall well being and way of life.

  • Knit Hats
  • Ski Hats

  Teton Toppers : Handmade wool and fleece hats for adults and kids. Here in Teton Valley (WY) where there are about 30 frost free days a year, they wear a lot of hats.  Not only do they design and create their products in house, they have a lot of fun testing them out. Whether it is for your favorite outdoor pursuit or just going out and about, they have a hat for you. Teton Toppers was established in 1989 as a part-time home business, primarily outfitting local retailers and business owners around the Jackson Hole area.

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  • Ski Hats / Winter Hats


Also, you can visit the Knit Hat and Knitted Hats section for similar headwear to keep you warm when skiing.  You may also find hats for skiing or snowboarding in the sports hat section.

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If you are going on a ski trip, don't forget your ski pants... You can research women's ski pants, men's ski pants, and children's ski pants in our clothes guide section.


If you really enjoy skiing you can find additional skiing products at Amazon (Ski Magazines, Skiing Books, Ski Clothing etc.). Just so snowboarders do not feel left out, you can also find snowboarding products.

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