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Does size matter in regard to Christmas Stocking?  At first glance, this may not appear to be a very important question.  However, for clever boys and girls the size of the stocking may have serious benefit or consequence.  For example, if little Johnny has a small stocking and his sister has a large stocking, does his sister actually get more satisfaction on Christmas morning.  In other words, will the larger stocking actually receive more presents?  Intelligent children will ponder this question and then negotiate a stocking from Santa Claus accordingly.

Does every boy and girl get the same quantity of gifts in or around their stocking regardless of stocking size?

This is a very difficult question to answer.  To be honest, I had asked this questions to several elves and they did not even know the answer.  It appears that Santa keeps this as a closely guarded secret.

Some believe that if the stocking is smaller, the presents will simply overflow more and be placed both in or around the stocking.  If a stocking is too small, their is potential that Santa will leave presents on the floor under the stocking if he had brought more gifts then would fit inside.  However, others elves had mentioned that Santa already knows the size of the stocking and will bring a perfect number of toys to match the size of the stocking.

Although I do not know the actual answer, I think that Santa may take several issues into account when filling a Christmas stocking.  It is possible that he takes "value" into consideration.  For example, one child may have asked for items that would traditionally cost more then other items that have been requested by another child.  Possibly, Santa will give a higher volume of toys to the child that requested less valuable items. 

It is important to keep in mind that higher price items typically take longer to produce.  If Santa's workshop has a limited number of days in the year to produce all of the toys, he can only make a limited number of toys that require a long time to produce.  Although Santa is not actually "purchasing" toys, due to time constraints for his workshop, the toys that would typically cost more in a store, he only has time to produce in lower quantities.  Therefore, for those children that request toys that take a long time to produce, they may receive a lower number of toys in their stocking (and under the tree).

If the above scenario makes sense to you, this may suggest that the size of the Christmas stocking is irrelevant...  I am not saying I believe above, I am just saying this "value" (length of time to produce an item), may have relevance in regard to the "number" of toys you will receive in your stocking.

Another factor that one must consider is the "behavior" factor.  Certainly, Santa Claus must take into account the child's behavior over the course of the year.  Although Santa has not directly told me that their is a direct correlation between behavior and quantity of gifts, during a meeting I had with Mrs.. Claus, she had assured me that behavior is a very important aspect of Santa's gift calculations.

If you believe that Christmas stocking size matters:

In some households, stockings are actually provided by Santa Claus.  In other homes, parents may purchase the empty stocking to lend Santa a hand. 

Here are a few suggestions.  If your parents purchase the stockings (and you believe yours to be too small to receive an adequate amount of presents), you may want to (on purpose) accidentally damage your existing stocking.  Maybe you can discretely rip a a hole in the bottom.  After the rip is completed, you may wish to turn on the fake tears and beg your parents for a new stocking.  This would be a good time to also suggest that you be involved in the shopping phase.  Most definitely, you want to be in the store or with your parent as they shop online to make sure that they secure the largest possible stocking.

If the Christmas stocking in your home is provided by Santa Claus, it would be a good idea to detail out a suggested size when you send Santa your Christmas wish list.  However, it is important to note that Santa does NOT always have the opportunity to provide you everything on your wish list.  In addition, even if he does agree to delivery a stocking, it does not mean it would be in the requested size.  Clearly, Santa has numerous children to satisfy.  Portions of the gift giving process comes on a first come first serve basis.  It is possible that other boys and girls sent him their stocking requests earlier then you did.

If you do not believe Christmas stocking size matters, you can disregard this entire article...

By the way, you may be wondering why this information regarding X-mas stockings is on the Christmas Fashion website.  Well, the answer is that despite the fact that the stocking is used to hold gifts, a "stocking" is actually an item that falls into the clothing and apparel category.  Therefore, a stocking is most certainly relevant to fashion even thought it is simply being used as a vehicle in which to receive goodies.


By the way, a Christmas Stocking is very different then stockings worn by women.

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