Santa Claus Wears Red : This explains why.
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Why does Santa Claus wear red and white?
Funny you should ask.  This is a rather unusual story.  I am not certain if this is rumor or fact, but the story that I heard when I was interviewing clothing shop elves was that Santa originally designed an all white outfit.  He actually made a prototype and wore it around town at the north pole for several weeks.  The elves I spoke to said that Santa's fashion design and color was simply exquisite.  
Santa wanted to debut the new outfit for fashion photographers at the opening ceremonies at Santa's Village (New Hampshire, Amusement Park).  As the story goes, he packed up his sleigh and flew to New Hampshire, USA in his regular travel clothes (typically jeans, t-shirt and boots).  After parking his sleigh in the woods to hide the reindeer and sleigh from sight, he changed behind a large oak tree into his freshly designed white uniform.   Once suited up with his white hat, white suit, black belt and black boots, he started to stroll out of the woods and toward the Santa's Village theme park. 

All of a sudden, the skies opened and the rain begin to fall at an amazing rate.  Santa was instantly soaked from head to toe.  The storm cleared as quickly as it started and there stood Santa in his white suit soaked from head to toe.  Santa then became alarmed as he looked down and realized the extremely wet and very white clothing left little to the imagination (he was reminded of how see thru white cloth can become).  Just at that moment, Santa saw from a great distance across the very long parking lot a photographer was just noticing that Santa was approaching.  In less then an instant, Santa dove into the bushes screaming for his team of reindeer.  The sleigh whisked by and Santa reach for the back railing with all of his strength.  To Santa's dismay, he was dragged for nearly one hundred yards rolling and tossing round and round on the ground literally holding on for dear life. 

As sudden as it began, the dramatic ride thru the low brush came to a halt.  Santa Claus popped to his feet and stood tall and proud that he arrived unharmed.  And then he heard the clicks of multiple cameras and saw the flash of numerous bulbs as the fashion photographers snapped away at a rapid speed.  Santa's face turned rosier red then ever before.  Embarrassed of the thought that the world has seen him in his wet and very white outfit, Santa dropped his head and shoulders in the direction of the ground.  To his surprise (and delight), he saw that he was no longer wet and dressed in see thru white.  He was in solid RED, with white only left in a few spots by his wrists, ankles and tip of his hat.  Santa instantly was reminded of how smart his reindeer are, as he looked above Rudolph's head and read the sign, "Strawberry Patch Field; Pick your own Strawberries $2.00 per pound."  Only Santa's reindeer would think that fast and move so intently to drag Santa thru a strawberry field to dye his embarrassing white suit red.  Ever since, Santa wears red and white.


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