Jersey vs Interlock - The Difference Between Jersey and Interlock Fabric

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If you can't tell the difference, don't feel bad because not too many people can tell the difference between jersey and interlock fabrics. One way to familiarize yourself is to look in your closet. An expensive knit top will most likely be interlock and an everyday t-shirt will probably be jersey.

The face of the fabric looks more or less the same because they all have small vertical ribs. When you go to the back of the fabric and gently pull across the direction of stretch, the Interlock will look more or less the same on the face and back. The jersey has a wavy pearl pattern that runs perpendicular to the face rib. If you're still not certain, you can cut a piece from selvedge to selvedge, if the fabric is jersey the cut edge will curl on itself, interlock will lay more flat. Please note that we are NOT suggesting that you cut your clothing. This suggestion is more for members of the fashion industry that have swatches to cut.

By the way, both jersey fabric and interlock fabric are knit fabrics.

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