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Long gone are the days when most men felt compelled to fashion themselves after the Marlboro Man. Since men are generally getting married later, and have higher disposable incomes as a result, they have become a key target for consumer products and services. Since men are remaining single longer, many have taken more interest in their images. Apparel Search defines this new breed of man as a “metrosexual.”

Apparently, the term was first coined during the '90s when author Mark Simpson published an article, “Here come the mirror men” in The Independent (London). In the article, Simpson referred to the “metrosexual” as a heterosexual man with a strong concern for his appearance. Simpson also noted that the metrosexual's lifestyle displays attributes that are stereotypically seen among gay men.

Of course, fashion is one of the key areas of interest for today's heterosexual metrosexual man. He usually lives or works in close proximity to a major city such as New York or London and has access to better shops, which carry expensive apparel, accessories, and grooming products. This metrosexual consumer may be found flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine in search of the latest trends or even lounging at a spa such as Nickel, which caters specifically to men.

Speaking of spas, several years ago, male-oriented spas, which were already quite common in London and other parts of Europe, started to open their doors to the new metrosexual American consumer. As stereotypes started to vanish, American men were soon finding themselves at the spa pampering themselves with pedicures, waxing, tweezing, laser treatments, and even electrolysis. Expensive grooming products such as The Art of Shaving's collection also lures the metrosexual consumer. Apparel Search believes this metrosexual fashion consumer is here to stay.

By Regina Cooper - 92308

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