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The term swag is used to describe promotional items that are given away or "gifted" to editors, celebrities, and other industry insiders who are in a position to influence news and upcoming trends.

The term, which is often used in the public relations and fashion industries, refers to those giveaway items (it can include clothing, accessories, and beyond) or services (a complimentary haircut or spa treatment) that familiarize or educate editors on a particular product or service. In many cases it is the public relations agencies or in-house PR teams that send editors these promotional items to experience, enjoy, and hopefully review favorably in a magazine or on a website or blog.

Many designers gift gowns to celebrities in an effort to gain exposure, including editorial or other types of coverage, through the celebrity appearance. Swag may include items from fashion to beauty, home decor or even tickets to high-profile events and the theater.

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