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Slip Sheets are custom designed, die cut flat sheets which are utilized in handling, storage and shipping of unitized goods, replacing traditional pallets and fiber slip sheets. Slip sheets are made in plastic and other options. When using slip sheets you should be able to ship more product, in less space, and reduce overall freight cost associated with packaging. Some say that plastic slip sheets are cost effective and are an excellent alternative to expensive wood pallets and offer many advantages of fiber slip sheets. However, their are benefits to the various slip sheet options as well as pallets.  You will need to do your own full investigation to determine which items are best for your transportation or storage needs.

 Berry Plastics Corporation : Originally established in 1967 as Imperial Plastics and located in Evansville, Indiana, Berry Plastics has grown into a leading manufacturer of injection-molded plastic packaging, thermoformed products, flexible films and tapes and coatings.

  B & F Plastics, Inc. (Plastic Slip Sheets) : originated in 1988 as a screen printing company serving the sign and display industry. With a keen eye towards high quality products, we soon started to extrude their own substrate materials including PE, PP, TPO, TPE, PVC, TirePlast (insert trademark) and many other custom compounded materials suited for building products, boat and RV industries, thermoforming, roofing, automotive and sport flooring. Their numerous extrusion lines can fulfill your need for gauges ranging from .018 up to 1 thick with value added capabilities of co-extrusion, in-line lamination, hot melt adhesives and printing. Along with custom extrusion, their fabrication capabilities include die cutting, hot stamping, slitting, molding and square cutting. Their mission as a company is to provide the many markets they serve with products of consistently superior quality at price levels that are fair and competitive.

  Crown Paper Converting (fiber Slip Sheets) : With a combined 40 years of converting experience, Crown Paper Converting, Inc. is now representing mills in the United States, Australia and Asia. Crown products are widely diversified from the Agricultural Market to the Building supply products and Industrial packaging Industries. Crown Paper has figured a way to make a lighter slip sheet without compromising its strength. Crown carries secondary fiber sheets and also new solid fiber sheets. Crown Paper's cost for slip sheets are about 10% less then the leading manufacturers.

  Form Mukavva Ambalaj (Turkey) : established in 1989, the manufacturer of the following completely environment friendly goods, is one of the leading enterprises in Turkey. They manufacture Cardboard Edge Protectors, Spiral wound cardboard cores, Slip sheets, Packaging materials made of solid boards, PVA Glue. Owing to the investment in machinery continuing in its plant in Ayrancılar- İzmir, with a closed area of 9.000 m, their monthly productive capacity has been increased to 2.000 tones. Their rapidly-growing company, holding the ISO 9001 quality certificate since 2002, can ensure unlimited customer satisfaction thanks to its far-sighted management strategies.

  Fresh Pak Corporation (Plastic Slip Sheets & fiber and Paperboard Slip Sheets) : Fresh Pak Corporation is a leading supplier of cost-effective and environmentally beneficial packaging solutions for a wide variety of industries including food & beverage, agriculture, electronics, building & construction, chemical and retail. Some of their products include: Eco-Sheet Plastic Slip Sheets are environmentally and economically sustainable replacement for all types of pallets as well as fiber and paperboard slip sheets. They cost significantly less than pallets, are made from recycled materials, are reusable and recyclable, and reduce transportation costs by increasing cube efficiency. Plastic Divider Sheets are used as layer sheets between bottles and cans in the food and beverage industries. They offer rigidity, memory, and flexibility characteristics which allow the divider sheet to regain a smooth, clean, flat surface desired for an expanded life and multiple repack turns. Reusability is a great economic feature and also a strong environmental one. Fresh Pak Corporation has over 40 years experience in the plastic resin and industrial packaging industries. Their products meet all requisite ISO standards, and are constantly being redesigned and improved to meet their customers functional, economic, and environmental needs.

  ITW Plastic Packaging (Plastic Slip Sheets) : ITW Plasitc Packaging has been a transport packaging leader for over two decades, offering a single source solution for all of your transport packaging needs. Manufacturing pioneers in the plastic slip sheet and plastic tier sheet markets, Plastic Packaging is committed to supplying the highest-quality transport packaging materials in the industry along with a convenient National Recapture/recycling Program. They are committed to quality, value and being corporately responsible to our environment. Check out their core products: Slip sheets, Tier sheets, Pallets and Top frames.

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  MDI (Plastic Slip Sheets): MDI's quality-focused plastics manufacturing provides innovative solutions by creating products that meet the highest level of consistency and reliability.

  Repsco (Plastic Slip Sheets): At REPSCO, they are experts at customizing polymer blends and sheet specifications to meet your unitized load size, weight, and application requirements. Further, they implement their rigorous quality control program through each step of the materials acquisition, manufacturing, and shipping process. You will always receive the highest quality slipsheets that precisely meet your needs. REPSCO Plastic Slipsheets are the practical, economical and environmentally sound alternative to wood pallets and fiber slipsheets. Made primarily of recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE), REPSCO Plastic Slipsheets are designed to replace or supplement wood pallets in transportation and warehouse applications. Twice as strong as fiber sheets, REPSCO Plastic Slipsheets are the reusable, recyclable answer to the high cost of shipping and storage.

  Southern States Packaging Company (Solid fiber Slip Sheets) Southern States Packaging Company manufactures Solid fiber Slip Sheets from multiple plies of Kraft Linerboard laminated together using water resistant adhesive. Slip Sheets are the most cost-effective shipping platform available - replacing wooden pallets and plastic slip sheets with numerous benefits. Southern States Packaging Company manufactures Slip Sheets in a wide range of calipers, constructions and configurations including single or multiple score lines, clipped or radius corners and practically any caliper from .020" - .200" in total thickness. Southern States Packaging Company : is an independent full-service paperboard converter specializing in coating, laminating, and die-cutting processes. Their products are used in a wide variety of industries throughout the global marketplace. Their modern 325,000 square foot facility, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina, provides a central location for all manufacturing, warehousing and administrative offices. This allows our Sales Service Team to quickly and accurately respond to any customers questions or requests. They are strategically close to their paper mill suppliers, both with their location and also with their relationships.

There are several types of slip sheets that can be used for the transportation of a unit load depending upon the desired use of the sheet. The slip sheet is shaped and dimensioned to the size of the product or unit load. The type of slip sheet varies depending on both the number of lip extensions and the material from which it is manufactured.

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Slip Sheet Materials include: Corrugated Slip Sheet Material, fiberboard (The fiberboard slip sheet consists of several layers of solid fiberboard sheets laminated together), Solid Kraftboard, or Plastic.
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