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A pallet is a flat transport structure made of wood or plastic (and in a few cases metal) which can support a variety of goods in a stable fashion while being lifted by any mobile forklift device. The goods are placed on top of the pallet, and can be secured to it by straps or stretch-wrapped plastic film.... For full definition visit Pallets Definition.  You can also read additional shipping definitions.

  Pallet Masters (USA)

  Century Pallets (USA)

  Custom Equipment Company (USA)  Shop their huge online catalog for all your material handling, containers, packaging, rack systems, mezzanines, modular office, wire shelving, collpasible bulk containers, new and used containers and wire decking needs from Custom Equipment Company. Address: 10453 Leslie Drive Raleigh, NC 27615 Phone: 919-518-0900 Fax: 919-847-5765 e-mail:  contact: Tom McGovern

  ITW Plastic Packaging (Plastic Slip Sheets) : ITW Plasitc Packaging has been a transport packaging leader for over two decades, offering a single source solution for all of your transport packaging needs. Manufacturing pioneers in the plastic slip sheet and plastic tier sheet markets, Plastic Packaging is committed to supplying the highest-quality transport packaging materials in the industry along with a convenient National Recapture/recycling Program. They are committed to quality, value and being corporately responsible to our environment. Check out their core products: Slip sheets, Tier sheets, Pallets and Top frames.

  Shady Brook Lumber (USA)

  Stratis Plastic Pallets is the leader in durable plastic pallets with sizes that range from 21 (53 cm) to 82 (208 cm). Stratis Plastic Pallets are innovatively designed for maximum ergonomics and can be steel reinforced for edge rackability. Stratis Plastic Pallets provides standard and custom products for printing, converting, corrugating, metal fabrication, pharmaceutical and food markets.

  Wilmington Woodworks (USA)

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keep in mind that if you are importing pallets into the United States with your clothing shipments, it is important to understand the legal issues involved.  For example, some types of wood are not permitted.

You may want to research customs clearance issues.

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